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THE GRID WILL GO DOWN – Karen Newberry



January 16, 2023 4:40 PM
Karen Newberry

This morning in prayer I asked the Lord more about the darkness that is coming I had also asked the Lord last night about the Antichrist. I didn’t get a answer so I waited. He answered both my questions this morning and I was speechless at first and have asked for confirmation all day and seeking the Lord. He just gave me confirmation of this word so now I will release it. I received this 1/16/23 at 9:43am please seek the Lord Jesus for confirmation

I speak of love and truth
Come to your quiet place with me
Seek me daily I AM within you my child
Darkness it approaches I have sent forth messengers of this time
Many seek a knowing of time
“Soon” daughter I will give a sign of this event
When you see it you will know my child
As the color appears you have little time
But this is your sign I speak of
Abide in me anoint your homes with oil pray over them
Seek me keep your eyes on the hills and there you will find me, pray for the lost
Barack Obama will reign
Once the queen becomes leader soon after he reigns
Daughter I tell you of these things to warn others from being deceived
Many of my church is deceived
They don’t won’t truth
Many seek me for knowledge but don’t won’t the truth behind it
He will soon be revealed for the world to see do not let he’s serpent lies fool you
His promises are empty
Seek me for truth
Ask and you shall receive
The grid will go down..it is true
In your weakness America will be their strength
Seek me now for this darkness comes
My children will be safe in me the ONE TRUE KING

I am only being obedient to the Lord. God bless


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