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The greater things come now – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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The greater things come now

December 4, 2023 4:43 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel
12/4/2023 4:02PM
I was praying and singing to the LORD, and the last line of my prayer song was:
“For You are GOD; You are GOD”
Then I heard repeated,
“For You are GOD; You are GOD
For You are GOD; You are GOD
For You are GOD; You are GOD
Now listen, listen for My voice.
And write:
Multitudes are coming.
Multitudes will sweep soon across the earth and shall praise Me.
They will fear and honor My Name when I glorify Myself through and in the midst of My terrible and awesome judgments.
Terrible in magnitude.
Terrible in devastation.
Awesome in power.
Awesome in purpose.
Awesome in the result I will spring forth out of them and in the midst of them.
There has never been a time like this.
Judgment, awesome judgment, but still mixed with mercy and grace.
Mercy in that it will not be My wrath yet.
No, that’s reserved and is surely coming, but is not yet.
Grace, because I will still draw out of the ground, as it were, flowers in the midst and as a result of the charred landscape.
This is My judgment and My mercy mixed with grace.
I am still willing to draw.
I am still willing.
I will still draw multitudes to Myself, in salvation.
These are most stubborn and many foolish.
These have resisted refining in times of ease, so I will heat the furnace 7 times hotter.
7 times 7.
I will do what needs to be done to complete My work, to make vessels fit for use.
This time will be short.
This time of awesome judgment, still mixed with mercy and loving grace, will be fleeting.
Do as I say.
This is an opportunity for My people, too.
An opportunity to be good soldiers, soldiers who obey without a thought.
Do as I command.
Listen for My voice.
Resist the urge to sleep.
Be alert, awaiting the voice of My command.
Hold steady.
Hold ready.
Stay in readiness.
This is the time long prophesied, the time about which you have read your whole life.
This is the time spoken of in My Word.
The greater things come now.
You will do even more than Me.
You will do even greater things than what you saw in My life on this earth.
These are the greater things reserved for the Latter Time.
This is the wine I have reserved until the End.
Empty your cup so I may pour and pour and pour.
You must empty yourself so that I may fill you with Myself, with My HOLY SPIRIT.
You must be crucified with Me so that I can use you and live through you.
Have I not told you this in My Word?
Therefore come and follow Me.
Follow My lead.
I lead you to higher things, things you could never have thought of to ask or even imagine.
The glory is Mine, yet We will share in this beauty and glory.
I glorify you to do My will.
My will be done.
I send you out to gather the Harvest for My FATHER’s glory, so that His wedding hall may be filled.
All is in readiness now.
All is fulfilled now, in this time, this time of now.
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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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