Kim Weir

Vision/Word from God 8/12/18:


I was praying and seeking the Lord. I told him I didn’t like feeling he is so far away. I began to feel him come closer to me. I asked the Lord to tell me or show me whatever he wanted. I felt the Lord’s frustration. I then felt this very heavy weight come down on me. It was very heavy like solid metal. I felt it over my chest and arms and the heaviness was so great.

‘Lord, how is it that you feel burdened?’ I asked

‘This is the sin of my people. Feel how heavy? See how great the sin is?’ Said Jesus.

‘I don’t understand Lord. You died for our sins. How is it that this exists and causes you sorrow and frustration?’

‘I have died for these sins. But they will not repent of them. I can only redeem or remove what one allows me to.’

‘That makes sense, Lord.’

I prayed regarding this. Then my focus returned to the weight.

‘Lord, is this what I saw hit the earth in America and causes many to die? Are you going to strike with this weight?’

‘It is the weight of their sin that they do not repent of. If they do not repent and continue in their sin; if they continue in the sin that besets them it will come down upon them, each their weight upon them. I will not put this on them. THEY PUT IT ON THEMSELVES.’

‘I understand Lord.’

I continued to pray based on this the Lord showed me.

I can’t explain how much love and concern and sorrow Jesus felt for his people. It was such a great love and concern. He does love us and knows that the Father’s judgements come. DO NOT IGNORE HIS PROMPTING! TURN TO JESUS. GIVE UP THE SIN, CHRISTIANS!

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