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The great war is now on the horizon – Asha B

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The great war is now on the horizon

May 23, 2024 8:02 PM
Asha B

Message received 20/05/2024

I am ready to receive my children to me. It is time and I will return very, very soon. Do not fear, stand still in all you do and think on me. The time is now and there is no time remaining. You have seen all around; how much is changing.

The great war is now on the horizon. It is here. There shall be many people who shall now perish. Listen to my word, Many, many shall perish and many more shall come to me.

It is now time to receive my loving children to me. The day is here for me to receive my called out ones to myself. I will show you all things for you are my special children to bring in my harvest of many, many souls to me.

There are many awaiting my glory to descend, for they seek healings and deliverances from their hard and tortuous lives. Lives filled with loss and lives filled with despair. I will send many of my called out ones to places to do my great works, for it is greatly populated.

The great gifts I will bestow upon my children are too many for me to mention now. You will all hear my voice clearly and no one will doubt that it is I, your Father who speaks with you.

I will show you man’s heart, the state of their affairs and their minds. You shall proclaim blessings and cursing’s, upon those who are obedient and those of the adversary. You will fly through the air to many destinations, you shall lift weights greater than a large building. You shall save many through the giftings. I shall fill you with joy. I will dwell in you and use you as my mighty vessels. I will transform you into children of great shining lights and you shall bring forth my light and my glory wherever you go.

Many shall fear, but those who love me shall be filled with great joy.

In the days to come I shall call my children up to me. You shall know that it is time, for the skies shall again change. This will be the third time of changing. When this occurs look up for your redemption draws near.

Do not fear. Many activities shall take place at this time. My children shall soon after come to me. I will send you in twos and you shall do valiantly. Continue in my word. Occupy until I come.

Your loving Father.

Message received 23/05/2024

Gird your loins. The time is now here. The time is now. Be ready. Be on your guard. I am coming for my children. The time is now. Get all at hand. Sound the alarm. The time is now, the time is now.

Your Father

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Daniel 11:32

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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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