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The Great Take Down – Terry Crockett


The Great Take Down

June 8, 2022 11:58 AM
Terry Crockett


I see a Banner of love in this nation being raised stating “Our God Reigns” in Goliath’s place. Righteousness reigning over those who lay claim to this Nation, given them by their fathers who dedicated this sacred ground in My Name.

No man will remain standing at The Great Take Down, starting at the highest level, as severe shakings and shiftings begin removing corruption. For the kingdoms of men’s hands will topple under Holy shaking. The stakes are high but nothing will remain as it appears. For a Lion in the Heavens roars “defeat” in the face His enemies. A Devine battle removing the godless from their positions, the elites who thought I was altogether absent.

Toxic fumes have risen before Me and cannot remain. I see a fire upon Washington purging the enemies who have armed themselves against My Throne. I see from the East stemming from Washington and above to the North, all the way to the South, a Holy line of Fire cleansing the land from the top down purifying this stench from My nostrils.

This country shall fall under My judgment and wrath against ungodliness and injustice. For I speak in behalf of the unborn who have been robbed their right to live. I have seen the corruption in your marketplace, the backroom deals exchanged for blood money, the oppression and wickedness denying My voice to speak in My churches. Unholy deals enriching your pockets denying the right of the men you represent. Stealing My Name from your schools, promoting laws, strange lifestyles, mocking those who speak against your depravity. Calling good evil and substituting the arm of flesh, in place of My Name. You are thoroughly corrupted stained with sin, enjoying the pleasures of flesh, letting them rule in your streets and homes. For Brute Beast enraged with hate devour your streets, your neighbors, your churches and you remain silent.

Counterfeits, liars, look-a-likes who judge men’s hearts thinking, they were altogether like themselves—all show –but denying the POWER of the CRUCIFIED CHRIST, will have even a greater fall. False prophets, leaders, pastors, blind and afraid hiding under the rock, I will now expose your shame.

Righteous Men lay claim to your Nation-

I have a Remnant who have not bowed their allegiance to the god of self. These fine beings arise in the hour ahead. They have laid claim to a nation once dedicated to their God. God men divinely inspired with the Breath of Jehovah speaking with fire consuming the enemies of God and filled with the Devine radiance of their King. A Holy Takeover when flesh remains helpless in the Name of God. These will no longer remain silent, for times and seasons require the appearing of the Remnant to take the world by storm.

I judge according to TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS. I see a world awaiting My true Church with I AM hidden in their hearts. Those on fire with giftings will speak out of a fresh anointing being released in these times and seasons. I see a small Remnant who has surrendered the keys of their heart, calling out to God Most High — for these I come and reign in their behalf. ACTS 2 in full display as the final curtain is about to be played out. Pastors, laymen, nobodies who have laid claim to My right to rule — I come.

Chaos, terror and war presents themselves before you, but DO NOT FEAR, little ones, I will shelter you from the storm. I see mighty souls changed by Devine transformation arising in My midst, filled with Holy Fire after the manner of David, Jeremiah and Elijah demonstrating the God who was, the God who is and the God to be– reigning in POWER.

Nations will fall and Goliaths will not remain in the face of My justice and judgments. For the return of the Christ of God stands at attention. DO NO FEAR, for the Rock, The Spring of Life, the Voice of God speaks as Holy days presents themselves as terror and Glory stand side by side.

I AM emerges in your midst to Reign!


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