Jesus Rules

Jan. 27, 2016

My dear Children, prepare yourselves for the Great Shaking is about to take place! Many will be caught off guard, for the fear will overtake them; and everything that they put their trust in, will crumble to the very ground. This is what I must do to wake those whose hearts are hardened; and pride has swallowed them up with all the world has to offer them. Only then will they realize just how foolish they have been. Many will come to Me during this period. But it is My Bride who will not be shaken; for I have placed peace in your hearts, for they know where their true Home is. Your faithfulness and patience will be rewarded as I come for you to spare you from the hour that is about to befall the earth. So I say, behold and be bold in your witnesses of the Gospel in these final moments. I will put the very Words into your mouth to speak forth the Truth. So trust in this My child. You know that the enemy tied your tongue and placed doubts upon you; where the River of Life flows freely to those whom are thirsty. I will reveal to each and every one of you who planted a seed, just how I watered and nurtured it to blossom. Many of these things are beyond your understanding and in your human thought process. For My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, and My ways above yours. Is not Heaven above the earth; so I can look down upon My children and direct their steps? The winds of change is about to blow. Are you ready?

Yeshua HaMashiach

ISAIAH 55:8.
MARK 13:36

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