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The Great Quarantine – Wine of God

The Great Quarantine

Covid-19 Prophecy: God Has Set the Course of Time
March 17, 2020
Wine of God

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on February 11th 2020 the Lord spoke to me and he said that great judgments shall begin and he shall release the plagues more of his judgments shall come upon the land the plagues shall begin and there will be a great quarantine then after that I kept hearing about the great quarantine I’m not sure what that is I’m not sure if that’s conserved what we’re going through right now on March 17th as far as we’re just trying to sell isolate I don’t get the sense that that’s it I think it’s considering it calls it a great quarantine I think it’s probably something more to happen whether it has to do with what we’re going through now with the CV or it has something further to do in the future I don’t know we’ll wait and see that’s one thing I’ve learned with all the prophecies he’s given me over the years is sometimes they can come to pass in two days which is like awesome exciting and sometimes they take many years but it takes time and waiting the patience let’s see then he started speaking to me to 13 on to 13 and he’s spoken to me I’ve just heard it over and over many times that the end of all things has begun so I just feel in my spirit that we’ve entered a different time period let’s see once again on March 3rd he said the time of the end has begun and the wrath of God is being poured out upon the nation’s so ok then on March 15th the Lord has said a great surge began shortly he’s not giving me any more details as far as what the great search is when I’ve asked him he’s just told me you will know when it comes so I mean I can only speculate I mean maybe it’s a surge in the stock market right that would be awesome news but maybe it’s a surge in coronavirus cases maybe it’s a surge that many are gonna come to know Jesus Christ is their king and Lord that would be the best news we don’t know we can only wait and see I think that is mostly what I had to share with you today and also some on how to deal with the situation we’re going through now I know that there’s a lot of anxiety is God is releasing his judgments now and I believe that oh wait just a minute I know that there was another thing ok here we go on the 15th I said the judgments of God shall come quicker and Krys quicker so I think that we’ve seen many judgments the last you know few years or so we’ve seen all this flooding and hurricanes but now I believe these judgments are going to come quicker and quicker and to top this off over the years the Lord’s told me about many of the things that are coming but the one thing he would tell me over and over is the course is not set the course is not set the course is not set now he never told me exactly what that means but with my reason you know this is not the Lord this is my interpretation so this does not mean this is from the Lord and what it means just you can interpret it yourself but the way I interpret it was that his decisions of what is going to happen have not been made it’s like the course is not set it’s like it has to wait upon the nation’s decisions how much they follow him how much they fall away from him how much they willfully choose sin versus following him it’s like the the decision had not been made in the heavenlies yet as to when this would be good or if it would begin but the one thing I’ve been hearing probably the last two or three weeks over and over which is the first time you know I’ve been hearing all this stuff for years is he said the course is set now my interpretation of that is that the decision has been made in the heavenlies something has happened that now the course is set there’s no turning back no matter what what choices we make here on earth what’s gonna come it makes me wonder maybe we’ve begun all the stuff that’s happened in Revelation I don’t know but we’re gonna find out soon right now back back on how to deal with a lot of this stuff with this TV you know I’ll tell you I can say trust in the Lord right yes trust in the Lord but those are simple words so how to practically deal with this stuff all right how to deal with the anxiety and fear and I truly believe that a lot of this anxiety is just not knowing what’s gonna come when you think of a baby that’s that’s about to be born a baby brings lots of excitement the parents when they’re pregnant they’re excited but what else comes a lot of anxiety right I mean I think almost all new parents go through this during the pregnancy am I gonna be a good parent is the baby gonna be okay is our family gonna be okay like what changes is gonna happen to our family and my relationship with my husband and everything well at the same time and it’s that fear of the unknown that brings that anxiety we are going through a great change right now in our nation it’s the change of what’s going on with this sickness but everything that goes with it is the fact that our government is starting to change in the role that they play in our lives it’s changing our economy is changing right I mean many of you are probably thinking out there what is going to happen to us is is the economy gonna sink is this gonna lead to me losing my job is this gonna lead to me too this is my house and my ability to you know feed my family members my family not gonna make it are they gonna die it’s that fear of the unknown that brings it forth and I’ll tell you the battle in this is in the mind and how to practically handle it well I prayed the other day I’ve been going through a whole lot not just a seedy situation but we have other stressors going on in our lives as I’m sure all you do my my mother-in-law just moved in and she’s not a Christian and she’s in very very very poor health and it’s it’s terrible to see her suffer and and my husband and I are just stressed to the max and what word did I get from the Lord and I believe I share this because I believe it applies to all of you also to roll with the punches in other words be adaptive things are changing it’s gonna change just roll with it it’s gonna be okay when things are so stressful I can’t even think straight read the Word of God sometimes it’s so stressful you can’t even focus on the Word of God right sing praises sing praises all throughout the day every praise song you know if you’re gifted with the gift of tongues pray in tongues singing tongues those are those are my practical advice and take authority over the fear and anxiety and speak peace over your home in the name of Jesus just remember the Lord is with you in these times and and who knows what the future is many things are changing but don’t be here for the Lord is with you thank you

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  1. Rita

    New “Emergency Measures” Will Come From The Quarantine Act!! This Is NOT Looking Good For Canada!!!

  2. Steve Holmes

    This is not the “wrath of God.” WE ARE NOT APPOINTED UNTO WRATH.
    This is God’s judgment- that mankind should suffer the consequences of sin without his intervention. Two sins in particular are his focus right now: abortion ans creating genocidal weapons/ weapons of mass destruction. Without significant repentance that would include outlawing both, do not expect a reprieve. Mankind is reaping what it has sown. Cry out for mercy all you want, and expect an answer from him tbat is, “mercy like mankind has had on my unborn children? No.” His judgments are passive. Mankind does not want God meddling in their lives, so he won’t. That will lead to antichrist world government of Rev 13.

    God’s wrath does not occur until after the 1,260 day (silence in heaven for about a half hour) great tribulation whic has NOT begun yet. His wrath is not passisive as his judgments are. That is why it is written that if those days were not shortened, there would be no flesh left. He showed me what the aftermath of his wrath looks like: a sterile gravel pit of mixed rocks ans sand. Weeds won’t even grow there.

  3. mem

    I actually think we will get past this virus and things will return back to normal. I say this because of all those prophetic headlines that John Paul Jackson gave…many of them are unfulfilled and are mutually exclusive of a virus pandemic situation still being the main thing

  4. Cassandra Wikholm

    Mem, I truly hope you are correct. Maybe we will have a pause before the next judgement. It does seem like alot of things are changing in our government and our stock market (economy) , though.

  5. Rita

    The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020”

    What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.

    We may indeed be just at the beginning of the implementation of ID2020 – which includes, forced vaccination, population reduction and total digital control of everybody – on the way to One World Order – and global financial hegemony

  6. Rita

    We are definitely living in the End Times! Things will not go back to normal.

    World Wide Depression

    “Global Coup And Military Takeover Of World Powers”

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