The Great Harvest is Now Nigh – Sammy Omosh

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The Great Harvest is Now Nigh

March 24, 2023 6:41 AM
Sammy Omosh

On 28th Feb 2023 in a dream of the night,i see water shortages across many households in towns and cities.i was given a knowing that this will be global.{The aftermath of 3dds?} On 11th March 2023 While asleep,the Lord speaks by voice concerning a particular person i know.He calls this person by name and He lets me know that this person will be saved in the coming harvest and subsequently make it to Heaven in the Rapture. On

22nd March 2023 i was strolling on a road late Evening at around 7pm.Then i watched the sun setting from that point,it was a beautiful big Orange sun.Next to it was a breathtaking sight-Magnificent Rainbow skies{Have never seen it with my naked eyes except in a dream in November 2019.}

The next day which is yesterday i went to the exact spot,but i only saw clear skies,nothing unusual.I believe the Lord open my eyes for a snapshot view of what will soon engulf the worldwide skies.

On 23rd March 2023 in a dream i see the Number 6-6-6 placed at the Entrance of all Learning Institutions.The Mark will be instituted in all segments of our society eg Stores, Hospitals, Churches. Airports, Banks etc.

On 24th March 2023 i woke up exactly at 5am from this dream vision.I was at a particular place in my country{famous for banana cultivation}with hundreds of other people.We were being transported from one location to another by air{not by plane}it,s like getting on an Elevator and getting out on arrival.A man was picking very big,succulent mango fruits and throwing them down.I then picked and placed them in a big basket.Everybody else was doing the same task across the region.I finally saw from a distance a beautiful highway from an elevated angle going thro a hill.On this highway were harvest vehicles enroute to their assigned stations. ***The Precursor Event paving the way for the Great Harvest will come Suddenly upon many people christian and non christian.Many people are currently distracted by worldly pursuits,not knowing that Eschatological Events that many Messengers have been warning about for many years are now here-waiting to be manifested in World Arena.Are you ready?Put oil in your lamps now.This time is your time Remnants to wind your preparations and embark on your Assignments.Only the Lord himself knows how much Earthly time is left. Isa60:8 Who are these that fly like a cloud and like doves to the window? Isa66:14 And the hand of the LORD shall be known to his Servants. Nahum1:18 Behold,upon the mountains,the feet of him who brings good news,who publishes peace.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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