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The Great Harvest Is Coming!

March 24, 2020 1:27 AM

Message given 3.21.20

Daughter the end of days is here surely. Everything I have told My messengers is coming to pass. The Great Harvest awaits! Prepare, My church – to receive the lost for they WILL be knocking at your door. When the judgments increase in power and force they will be knocking at your door – seeking answers, seeking truth. The hour of your redemption draws close My children. I have awaited this moment since the beginning of time immemorial. I have waited patiently for My sheep to turn to Me and repent and I still wait. But now there is a sense of urgency – a newfound sense of alarm and concern that maybe things are not as right as they should be. Be prepared children for this is the ‘new normal’ as you say. Your days will be full of uncertainty, not knowing what judgments will come next to take your peace away. For now many are getting used to the chaos and the disturbances that rattle your days. But will they be able to stand when the judgments increase – as they will when the famine and plagues are at their door?

I have told you – without Me you will not be able to survive the coming days. You must seek Me in the secret place of the Most High – meaning your prayer closets, your prayer time spent with Me, worshipping Me, communing with Me, reading My word daily, on your hands and knees in submission to My eternal will. Are you doing these things My children – because if you are not – NOW is the time to put these things into practice.

I call out to My sheep to prepare for battle! I speak of the Great Harvest that is coming. Rejoice with me as many more will be saved and brought into My kingdom through the work of your hands! Rise up oh Saints of God! Prepare yourselves My children for My coming in the clouds of glory! Your salvation awaits you!

Your Mighty King and Savior
YESHUA who sits on the mercy seat

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