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The Great Divide – Ruth Johnson

The Great Divide

August 26, 2021 2:05 PM
Ruth Johnson

There is a great division,
And is ever growing wider
Between the ones believing lies
And the ones who know the truth.
It is becoming more apparent,
A chasm sinking deep,
On one side folks awake,
On the other sound asleep.
The watchmen are watching,
The prophets warn,
The Bible has it written,
The righteous mourn,
The saints pray,
The angels guard,
The Lord awaits the instant
He must ride His white horse hard
And lead His mighty army,
Charge through the clouds,
Sharp sword slashing,
Dividing the crowds,
Split them asunder
To the beat of rolling thunder,
Treading the winepress
Of the wrath of God.
The valleys will flood
With rivers of blood,
There will be no place to hide
When that sword descends
And once and for all
Seals the great divide.

My children pay heed
To the King on His steed,
Fall to your knees,
Hang your head.
Tell Him you are sorry
You slept in,
Did not read His Word,
Did not let Him in.
It is almost too late
To open up your eyes,
The devil’s at your gate,
he will take you by surprise.
he wants nothing more,
Has nothing left to lose,
he wants you all
To come with him,
And forever abide
On the wrong side
Of the great divide.
he is a sick one,
Evil to the core,
his hatred runs deep
For the Lord of Lords.
It is the position he covets
But will never own,
he wants to to rise above
The True God’s Throne
And place a throne
Of his own.
he was a mighty holy angel
At one time,
But now he is condemned
Due to his great crime.
he will never live in heaven,
he will live in the abyss
In fiery torture
And endless distress.
But he wants a bunch of company
To share in his misery,
Not because he values friendship,
But because he hates God.
And every soul he steals
Hurts the Lord.
What a sore loser,
What a sick freak,
Do not believe a word
Of the trash he speaks.
he is the father of lies,
The prince of flies,
Soon to be ostracized
By the great divide.

My children, coming soon,
To a theatre near you,
A show the likes of which
You have never seen.
Spaceships! Aliens! Draconian beasts!
Hunting souls, expecting feasts!
Cannibals like Hannibal
Seek the silence of My lambs.
Too many people do not understand,
This show will be live
In your front yards!
The walking dead,
The unholy shards,
Shattered and broken
By serpent’s venom,
Administered by needles,
Distributed by demons.
Take heed, My children,
Hide from the snakes
Slithering through your town.
Protect your children
From his bite,
he lusts to take them down.
The hunger games,
The game of thrones,
The evil ones
Want a permanent home.
Do not give in,
Do not back down,
This fight we will win
Against this clown.
It will not prevail,
I Will catch it by the tail,
And send it deep underground.

King of Kings,
Lord of Lords,
The Saviour.



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