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The Great Deception Is Near My Children: Where, When, Who, Why, What? – Pollox / danielarealpeg

The Great Deception Is Near My Children: Where, When, Who, Why, What?

October 21, 2021 4:32 PM

October 19 – 21, 2021

Where: The whole world will be confronted with this Great Deception, all the nations and all the peoples, at the same time. All your medias will promote the lie.

When: After December 8, 2021, Read II Thessalonians Chapter 2 Verses 7 & 8.

Why: The time is right because countless millions have taken The Spiritual Mark of The Beast. Because of sin, cold hearts, The Great Apostasy, the proliferation of the occult, war, murder, hate, secret evil deeds, greed, self absorption of many, sexual depravity & perversion, worship of the false gods, pleasure, power and money, the removal of God from all levels and aspects of society.

Because like your ancestors before you, you look for a solution without God to the disasters both personal and societal, by any means presented and offered by the snake king and his minions.

Who: The so-called Ascended Masters of the Universe, The Ancient Ones, The Watchers, The Men of Renown, The Giants, The Aliens, The Nephilium who will be revealed as saviors of humanity. They are nothing but The Fallen Ones, the Demons straight out of Hell, that will be emptied out onto earth, for the penultimate onslaught.

What: They will appear benign initially, the bringers of peace and reconciliation between nations & races, new technologies, new solutions to age-old problems of humanity. But soon their benevolent masks will be torn-off, replaced by their true intentions: the murder and the destruction of humanity. They will eat you My Children.

For decades you have watched movies, TV, videos that celebrated, promoted informed you of their existence, plans and called it Entertainment. Now will come the reality and all the poisons will hatch out. But ET Will Not Go Home! Until they have punished much of the evil doers of humanity. I AM will use them to purify the earth of the sons of Cain and all those that reject The Light, their Creator God and an eternity in His House.

For those that now mock and scoff this coming reality, you are the same deluded slaves who deck your homes with the occult paraphernalia of Halloween and dress up as ghouls, demons, witches, ghosts, trolls and the devil himself, every year at this time. But the Treats will turn to the final Trick and the fun and games will go door to door, searching for victims to devour and the eternal fires of Hell!

Your sky will fill with these so-called space ships. NASA Blue Beam Project and the unveiling of the Man of Perdition and your governments timely and complicit release of so-called secret military research files, as part of the game of The Great Deception; to deceive a distracted, fearful and doubly fallen humanity. You have collectively gone beyond the sin of Adam & Eve taking the final step away from your personal salvation to accept these heinous lies.

To My True Children: Go inside, close the curtains, close the doors, do not gape at these illusions of the snake king. The nano-iron vaccinated part of humanity will be drawn like magnets to their new masters and ascend into the sky, never to return.

Be Humble, Trust In God, Pray, Pray, Pray, Refuse To Even Look At This Orgy Of Evil For The Eternal Father Will Succor His Own And Protect You Under His Wings, For His Arm Is Not Shortened, But His Patience Is At An End With Those Who Want To Fornicate With satan And Abandon Their True Heritage And Divine Destiny In The House OF God.

Beware! Be At Peace & Be Vigilant! It Comes Soon!


Note: It was revealed to me that the German film of 1919 titled The Golem and the early 1920’s Metropolis are the beginnings of the satanic media of The Great Deception of The Fallen Ones. So it is a hundred years of preparatory deceptions.


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