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The Great Betrayal – Mourner


The Great Betrayal

September 28, 2020 11:59 PM

“For the shepherds have become dull-hearted, and have not sought the Lord; therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered. Behold, the noise of the report has come, and a great commotion out of the north country, to make the cities of Judah desolate, a den of jackals.” (Jeremiah 10: 21-22)

The Lord Jesus Christ gave me a dream on September 12, 2020. In it, I was shown that the path that leads to eternal life becomes increasingly narrow at the end. Satan is given legality to strike us for even minor infractions of God’s word. As we approach the end of the Age of Grace and the beginning of the Tribulation, our walk with Him will become much more challenging.

Early in the morning on June 24th and September 14th of this year, I heard the sound of thousands of soldiers marching into battle. President Putin and his armies are ready. Chairman Xi and his troops are prepared. Both forces are well trained, well fed, and anxious to gain a personal victory in conquering the United States of America. The American people are not ready, and not even aware, that foreign invaders will soon be standing on their nation’s soil.

Several years ago, FEMA created a program called “Clergy Response Teams.” “Under this program, tens of thousands of pastors were instructed on how to assist the federal government in the event of a “national emergency.” Pastors were encouraged to teach Bible lessons from Romans 13 in which church members were told that God instructs them to always submit to civil authority unconditionally. They were taught to encourage their congregants to turn in their firearms and to be willing to relocate to government-provided shelters if that is what the government told them to do.” Clergy Response Teams have been established in over 1,300 counties in the U.S.

D r. Chuck Baldwin has an excellent teaching on the exegesis of Romans 13 on BeliefNet.com. Here’s a link:


I once attended a church where the pastor boasted that he was a “One-Hundred Percent Full Reporter.” He warned us that if we privately confessed any sins to him that were illegal, he would report us to local law enforcement. Fortunately, he left, because the congregation failed to build him a new office, and he found a better offer elsewhere. In the near future, you won’t need to ask your pastor if he or she is on the Clergy Response Team. It will be obvious, because they will be echoing the words of government in telling you to get in line for the new coronavirus vaccine. Whatever you do, please do not take the vaccine.

Can you imagine the conversation of an eighty-year-old grandmother with her pastor inside a FEMA camp? Perhaps this precious Saint faithfully attended church and paid her tithes for four or five decades. Now, her pastor is assuring her that she made the right decision in moving to the camp based upon Romans 13. Will her pastor then explain about the two lines she must decide between? One line leads to shelter, food, and drink, but requires her to receive the mark of the Beast. Her life will be extended, but she will spend eternity in Hell. The other line leads to the guillotine. Her life on Earth will end abruptly, but she will enjoy eternal life in Heaven.

Yes, the Great Betrayal continues. If pastors can twist God’s word to accommodate their “Health and Wealth” prosperity gospel, how simple it will be for them to massage Romans 13 to justify the betrayal of their sheep.

If the people of America understood the excruciating pain and sheer terror of eternal judgment in Hell, there would be repentance and revival instead of partying and rioting. This once great nation is on the wide path leading to destruction.

House Churches are the answer, and the future for America and the world. Prepare Saints, for the road ahead will be very difficult. Only with God’s help can we overcome. All glory to the Lamb and the One who sits on the throne!



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