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The GREAT AWAKENING – Amanda White


April 25, 2021 6:47 PM
Amanda White

Word from the Lord  4.8.21 | 8:53 P.M.

The words I give you are not made to be there to cause suffrage, nor sadness or guilt, nor burden but for awareness to my people. Too few believers truly listen to those around them- the angels, the spirits, the realms that I have created for communication- both masterpieces and flaws (i.e. Heaven Vs. Hell). For my prophetic messengers can take or leave the messages I give them- either way I have given them my warning. The GREAT AWAKENING is here. Haven’t you seen all the signs that have been prophesied, my children? For I have given you signs and wonders yet many of you stay in dismay.

My GREAT AWAKENING is just getting started- you haven’t seen nothing yet! Waves as tall as buildings will be crashing against shores; towns with newly foreclosed abandoned houses will soon flood the Earth and America’s Hollywood will be but dust left in the past- unrecognizable. For this I say to you, dear daughter, the time has come for my kingdom to reign once more! Do not be afraid, yet brace yourself and be prepared for the tidal waves will not just crash on the shores- as valleys will be flooded and filled with the Holy Spirit. Be ready as I have said and instructed. The time is now.

Matthew 23

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