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The Global Mega Earthquake! – McKana Royalty-free stock vector ID: 1115132606 By ananaline

The Global Mega Earthquake!

Outline of Joe Brandt 1937 vision
June 18, 2020 7:21 PM

”This is California, we are going to the sea”  Before the qauke.

  1. Erie silence and calm, stillness-The calm before the storm!
  2. The Birds are gone
  3. Smell of Sulphur
  4. The smell of water-tidal wave
  5. 3:50PM -warning shake 4:29PM-The big Global shake

California– ”This is California, we are going to the sea”
New York– ”End of the world”
Suez Canal -Dry
Japan -No more
Europe -Black sea rising.

Joe Brandt 1937 prophecy DREAM VISION – LA California MEGA Earthquake GLOBAL QUAKE

1937 Earthquake Dream. Dec 15, 2014

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