The Global Citizen Lie – Olasubomi Williams

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The Global Citizen Lie

July 2, 2024 7 57 AM
Olasubomi Williams
2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, Isaiah 59:4-10, 59:15-21

Words of the King of Kings and Lord of lords Yeshua

Children, as you well know, satan mimics all that I have created and planned for man and he do this to be like me and bring destruction to you all. This you know all too well.

Satan wants to use my plan to bring about his own kingdom. He has nothing original to bring other than darkness and destruction. He wants to use my plan to unite all men into the nation of Israel and he twist it to bring about his own plan. You know of the global citizen festival, go look it up. Children, I tell you, you are seeing a glimpse of his plan. To bring together all nations of the world into his own agenda and to propagate his kingdom. Children, have no part in such things. For in such lies death and destruction.

At first, it would seem harmless as it is now. But sooner, you will start to see the nefarious acts behind all the smokescreen. The global citizen and the one world government is a lie. A lie brought about by satan and his agents to bring about his own kingdom. It is and will bring about the coming of the lawless one. In fact it is a way of setting the red carpet for him. It will also bring about the mark of the beast which will be used as identification as being one with the kingdom of the enemy. Take no part in this. Flee from any who promote this to you. They do not wish you well. Also pray my children. Pray for my servants and my lost sheep’s all over the world. Pray for the peace of your households and of your nations except America. I am going to turn the power dynamics of the nations upside down. The first will be the last and the last first. Many nations will go bankrupt overnight, many unsuccessful coups by the US. The Whole world will fight against the united states policies and will triumph for I have given them the power to triumph over the united States. They will try to overthrow the governments of many nations but they will lose. Other nations will continue to rebel against the united states of America until all her allies have turned against her. Those who still side with the united states will be crushed. To everyone who sees this. Warn your leaders now and tell them this. Back off this instant from supporting the united states of America. Her end is nearer than you all think. Jesus Christ Yeshua ha masheach.


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