The Gathering and the Storm at the Sea – Merab Olfert

The Gathering and the Storm at the Sea

Aug 31, 2019, 5:11 PM
Merab Olfert

Date: Late night – August 27th, 2019.

I was given a dream.

In the dream I saw a place which looked like some sort of a sea-coast.

I saw a gathering of a group of people by the sea coast. I was a part of this gathering. It was a small number of people. Maybe a couple hundred people. I do not know the exact count. They were few for sure.

Where they gathered on the coast, the sea was at a considerable distance from them. For the waves of the sea to reach them the sea would have to have some sort of a storm in it. I understood that they were by the coast of the sea yet quite a distance from the actual sea (possibly about 1-2 miles away from the actual beach).

This gathering of people stood altogether with their faces towards the sky. They looked upward (towards the sky) and I heard a voice calling the names of the people from among these people.
I saw myself standing among these people and waiting for my name to be called out as well.
One by one the people who were called by name came out of this main group (let’s say group A) and stood outside in another group (let’s say group B).
I heard about the people in group B – these are to be taken out.

Then I heard the voice say to group A – You are to stay.

[Group A was considerably larger than group B.
If group A had 200 people then group B was about 20 people to put it into perspective. I do not know the exact count of people in each group.]

When I realized that my name was not on the list of people to be “taken out”, I was very sad. I wanted to be “taken out” and not have “to stay”.

In my sadness I looked at the sea at a distance. I already knew the enemy’s armies were about to come towards us (group A) from that sea any moment.

I could hear loud roaring of the sea… I looked at it expecting a mighty army of enemy to come out of it any moment.

At that moment I prayed – Don’t let us be food to the dogs, Father. (I knew the enemy would be MANY and we were just FEW).

After this I heard a voice say – He won’t just leave you like this to fight the enemy.

Then I saw a mirror image of myself standing before me. I saw little metallic golden cells (looked almost pentagon shaped cells) coming upon me and covering me – beginning at my toes and they went all the way upto my neck. Each golden cell individually came upon my body and joined itself to the other golden cells.

I immediately knew that this was the armour that was given to those who were to stay and fight against the enemy armies that were to come out of the roaring seas.

This armour looked like a second layer of skin upon my body. It looked inseparable from my body. It was gold in color with reflections of green on it. It was impenetrable.

The dream ended here.

When I woke up I knew the following:

The Sea represented the nations and multitudes of the world.

The Gathering of people ‘away’ from the sea represented people who have been ‘set-apart’ from the multitudes of the world.

These people are set-apart for Yahuah Father – away from the sea (multitudes of nations).
A few of these people who are set-apart were called to be “taken-out” meaning they will be removed from the main group.

The remaining set-apart people will be given a special armour to withstand and fight the army of the enemy coming out of the Sea (nations of the world).

(My name is Merab. I live in Alberta, Canada. I live nowhere close to any sea or lake or beach. This dream is not of the thoughts of my own head. I have been given a few other dreams in the past which are related to the end-times. I will share more of them soon. )

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