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The future of your republic is in danger – Barbara Francis


The future of your republic is in danger

November 15, 2021
Barbara Francis


Daughter speak to my children . The future of your republic is in danger. The founding fathers fashioned their laws after my words . Your enemy is among you . Again you will be forced to make a decision and fight for your freedom from the oppressors . The resistance will fight for righteousness, they stand with the Father. Your nation has been warned over and over that you have not secured your borders . You have allowed terrorists , rapists , disease carriers and criminals full access. Your weak leaders enabled and encouraged this . You will reap what you have sown . I will shield my own from the coming atrocities. Citizens of America where is your wisdom ? Have you heeded my words to prepare for the coming apocalypse? Have you put your trust and faith in me, I AM or is your trust in man?

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