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The Four Horses – Cherrie Archer

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Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnetsov. Painted in 1887.

The Four Horses

Dec 4, 2020, 9:28 AM
Cherrie Archer

1-14-20 6:00am

I ‘see’ the horses of the Apocalypse are stampeding. So fast are they running, at break neck speed, it is like watching the finish to a race, Snorting and straining to finish before the others the red is in the lead. Close behind the white is on its right and the black is on its left. I don’t see the pale for the cloud of dust that rises to obscure my vision.

What does it mean I ask, what am I seeing? You are seeing what is happening in the spiritual. The four horses are riding. Those things told would happen are happening. Nothing has been put on hold.

Many risk their lives to follow Me in countries ruled by tyrants. At the same time the USA teaches they are above persecution because they are blessed. Looking only to escape those things promised to come upon the earth. These say in their hearts I am a king, I am special, I am loved, God would not allow my torture and demise.

Yet, around the world Christians are tortured, jailed, killed, for My names sake.

The blessings I have given America are despised by those who partake of the blessings of freedom to worship, freedom to prosper, freedom to move about, to go to desired locations without being watched to pray, to seek Me, yet, where are those on bended knee? Those who seek Me diligently. Where are those who take what is to come seriously. Where is the word of God opened and consumed daily?

Those who are martyred and killed for My name sake are more blessed than the mighty nation I set aside to be a beacon of light in the days you are living.

While this nation turns its back on Me the shackles of restrictions come to remove freedoms, bind up your freedoms. This nation that I have blessed and has never known the oppression of tyranny races to enslave itself. Never understanding, it dives headlong into slavery and once captured and shackled will be brought low, as Samson was brought low, enslaved, he worked for others, unable to see. His freedoms taken from him. His only task was to grind wheat as an animal.

These chains are ever present to take America down. To make America slave to the world government.

Satan wishes to destroy you oh America and you do not turn to Me and repent, why?

As you see the evil reveal itself, as it changes laws, freedoms, man turns a blind eye.

As a frog in water it happily swims, never knowing the heat is being turned up and life will be cut short.

Oh America I gave you a place of rest to worship, yet, you prefer bondage and slavery over freedom.

The horses are running. Peace is being taken from the land a little at a time. Yet, will man wake before it is too late? Will America repent?

Read My Word

Know My Word

Those things spoken of by Isaiah the prophet come to pass.

Open your eyes. See what is before you.


Seek My face.



(I immediately grabbed my Bible and opened it to Isaiah and was prompted to start at the beginning)





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