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The Foundation Dream – Solitary Man

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The Foundation Dream

February 7, 2023 9:21 AM
Solitary Man


I had a dream last night, an unpleasant one where the neighbours had parked a car on my front lawn, and in front of my side gate, and were throwing a party. The lawn was very wet. It was lightly raining and not only were deep tire tracks gouged in the grass, but water was collecting against the foundation of the front of the house. Since I’ve had problems with the neighbours in the past, this was the last straw. I told them I was calling the cops. One of the sons did lightly push me to the ground. Then I woke up.

I was going to dismiss this one as just a bad dream, but I first took it to the Lord and asked Him if there was something that He wanted to show me. This is what I believe He revealed to me, along with a word that followed:

The trials and tribulations of the world are not going away. They are only going to get worse. In real life, we have tried everything to politely inform our neighbours of our concerns but to no avail (to clarify, there have been several areas of minor irritation that have been accumulating and unresolved over the past year).

Now in this dream, not only is the damage intensifying, but the problems reach into the very foundation. The ground was saturated with water, and the foundation was being soaked.

There is no reasoning with our tormentors. They will not change their behaviour, but only become worse. The damage they are causing is eating away at the foundation of our society, and there is no solution but to flee (the Babylonian world system). Trying to use forces in their system (such as the police) will only serve to knock us down. This is a point of no return. The water not draining but remaining at the foundation represents our blessings being turned into curses (ie, life-giving water becoming an agent of judgment and destruction). We must accept that what started out as an irritation and an annoyance has turned into something that cannot be fixed, and will destroy all that is good and valuable in our land.

(This is the word that followed):

My son, it is good you are recording your dreams and your thoughts when you receive them, as I often speak to my people in this way. Yet if you don’t perceive an immediate meaning, you disregard it and my message is lost. As you record and ponder a possible meaning, my Spirit recognizes the efforts you are making and will often reward the diligent with insight and understanding. This is one way that I separate the true seekers of God from the casual followers.

All of your life is a test of your faithfulness. Do not despise or overlook these small opportunities to display your devotion to me. I do reward those who diligently seek me (Heb 11:6). You were tempted to disregard this dream, because it dealt with an unpleasant topic, yet you changed your mind and sought me for any meaning, so I have rewarded you with my insight. In this way I desire to train all my servants. Always come to me and ask wisdom and understanding of me. It pleases me well when you first turn to me in all things, before making a final judgment.

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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