The Flood – Pastor Burl Norton

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Travallyn Dam In Flood August 2009
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The Flood

January 1, 2021 2:06 PM
Pastor Burl Norton
The Fountain Church

The following is a dream I received in early October, 2020.

The Flood

I was standing before a river that had been dammed. The water behind the dam had filled the reservoir to the point that it was beginning to spill over the top and around its ends. Somehow, I knew that the flood was both man-made and natural (the rain was natural but the dam was man-made). It seemed impossible to cross the raging waters and reach the other side yet I knew that I must reach that far bank for there was home, my wife and everything I valued in life. As I looked, I saw that on the very top of the dam was a narrow walkway, perhaps only a couple of feet wide, with the water rushing over the top of the dam but just inches below that narrow walkway. In fact, at times the water would splash over the walkway yet, it was the only pathway to the other side. I would be terrifying to walk across that narrow walk yet I knew I had to do so if I were to reach home. There was simply no other alternative.

I believe that God is saying that we are now facing a terrible and powerful flood (Covid 19, election turmoil, economic collapse, war, earthquakes, etc.) that may terrify us and threaten to wash us away into destruction but that He has faithfully provided a way—a path that will safely lead us across to our home. It may be terrifying to cross this raging flood (signified by the narrow walkway on the top of the dam). At times it may seem that the rising flood will overwhelm us, and carry us into the raging torrent, never to be seen again. It may seem that it is impossible to survive and reach our destination beyond, but our Heavenly Father has provided a way to walk and He will surely see us safely across if we will, by faith, walk in His way—the only way.


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