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The Fire Tower Dream – Dana Coverstone


The Fire Tower Dream

April 16, 2022
Dana Coverstone




  • Watchmen don’t give up don’t give continue until He comes.
  • Repent: leaders in the churches that do not acknowledge the evil days in which we live ignore the end time events they’re the ones that encourage sin
Auto Generated Transcript Below

hey good afternoon everybody appreciate those of you that are stopping by and appreciate you listening
um this is a dream called the fire try dream and i’ve had it between march 22 april 13th this literally went on for
about four weeks the start of the day the the week before my mother passed away and ended uh just this last week on
wednesday it was the same dream for three weeks and then finally things began to shift from it
and uh more than anything i don’t share dreams just so people will like them
sharing dreams so people can realize i believe what god’s trying to say to us trying to wake the church up trying to get us to the place that we need to be
so that’s what this is all about i continue to have people say you’re just doing this to to make money or to
to get famous or whatever i don’t ask for money i can care less about fame right now and i’ve not left my church of 80 people
uh in the last two years although i’ve had over 100 offers because this is where god’s got me i
believe that all of us you and i those of you that are watching that we are all watchmen and if we know the lord’s
coming back and we don’t say what we see the blood will be in our hands that’s
what the word says it makes it very clear about the response for the watchmen so uh all of us not just me not
just you all of us that know he’s coming back all of us have a heart and a passion for the loss
we need to be recognized in the fact that we’re watchmen so i’m going to share the dream and then
share some of the insights that i have from it and go from there okay as the dream began i was standing about
100 feet above the ground at the very top of the fire tower and i could see in all directions and i
could clearly see random fires all around me on the ground below there were no buildings no homes no
business it was just forests and fields and lots of green cover below
no mountains no valleys just flat ground and a lot and there were a lot of people out there
the fires have been being driven by very strong winds that i could even feel on the top of that tower as i looked down
and i was yelling as loud as i could at people who were just wandering below and walking towards those fire areas that
were walking towards the area where i saw the fires i had no bull horn no microphone no
sound system and i could tell that my voice was strained from yelling i was telling people to walk in a
direction away from the fires and was saying north and south or east or west and i said hey go to your left go your
life hey you in the blue baseball cap hey you in the yellow jacket you go left there’s fire ahead
but even though i gave them clear directions nobody was listening i kept screaming and i was screaming very very
loud i could feel the raspiness in my voice almost getting hoarse i was screaming i was clapping my hands
trying to get their attention i even had a piece of wood i was beating on the metal the metal frame in front of me where i stood looking out of the ground
i was beating a piece of wood against that trying to make noise doing anything i could to get the attention of those on the on the floor of the canopy below me
but nonetheless nobody listens no no one was listening i kept yelling at a group of people that
finally looked up at me and said to stop yelling at them and i kept saying i’m trying to save your life so don’t keep
going the direction you’re going or you’re going to end up in the fire and they just looked up and they just kind of looked back down and kept going
suddenly as after this this group of people responded to me what appeared to be a group of soldiers
came out of the forest and they were armed with weapons but they were all wearing green camo looks like like the
kind of camouflage you go hunting in it reminded me of the 70s and 80s the early style of camouflage that was it looked
kind of cheap kind of cheesy it wasn’t professional it wasn’t military grade by any means
and these people started telling the people to ignore my yelling as there were no fires in the area at all i could
tell they were not truly soldiers but could not tell what they were what they were affiliated with but they had military equipment and obviously had
background in it the pretend soldiers then started yelling at me to stop harassing people
as they did this some of the younger ones in the people crowd began throwing rocks at the tower that i was on and
yelling at me to stop screaming at them i then yelled that they were walking towards the fire and they were at risk
of dying at this time one of the soldiers started shooting at the bottom of the platform that i was standing on
and he yelled to the crowd that there was no fire they should just continue on in the direction they’d been going
when i yelled that they were lying and then i could see the fire ahead of them they shot the bottom of the air that i was standing on again
and paying attention to me after that the people continued walking towards the fire like they were blind
well one young teenager began wiping his arms kind of like oh he could feel the heat coming he said he was getting hot
maybe they should listen to the guy in the tower one large adult came to the teen and pushed him very hard so the kids
sprawled out on the ground he told the teen shut up or you’re not coming with us
and the team watched the watch the crowd going he did not get up up off the ground within seconds the
people in the crowd that were walking towards the fire burst into flames and they were screaming in
agony and pain and they were running back towards the young man they were begging him to put the fire
out but he ran from them in the opposite direction and didn’t even try to help him seeing the young man run away began
telling him to head to his left for about 50 feet and to wait for a fire break
soldiers began yelling for that kid to head back the way he’d come but he refused and he kept running ducking
every few feet as they were firing at him after he got away the soldiers began circling the fire tower
and they grabbed large sticks and they sent the ends on fire like torches but the tire was made of steel and it would
not burn one of them whistled very loudly and i heard large trucks coming through the canopy and there were two 18 wheelers
coming slowly up to the two corners of the tower they had open trailers that were full of metal and gasoline that you
could smell the gas coming off it was just pieces of metal in a pool of gasoline like in the back of a semi trailer with
the top cut off at this moment i prayed and asked god for help and i
looked out across the sky it was then that i saw not hundreds but thousands of the tops of other fire
towers all around me and there were people there were people men and women in those
towers and they were all yelling at people below them about being safe and avoiding the fire but they were also
dealing with the trucks that were coming towards their towers each truck backed up a little bit trying
to get speed to hit the towers as well so all of a sudden we hear this truck start revving up
they’re rubbing their engines and a soldier that held a lit flare ready to throw he threw it in the back of the trailer and those trucks exploded in
flame and this happened all over around me as i saw literally thousands of fire towers
that same precise moment all of us on the towers the men the women myself we
made a fists we put our hands straight up in the air and we yelled ashley as we could
until he comes until he comes
and now those trucks have rather engine the fire they’re on fire in the back their own
fire so to speak and each of us in the towers went to the went back to yelling at people
those trucks are revving their engine but we’re yelling at people to watch what’s going on and the soldiers shouted back to us
they were telling the people there’s no fire they’re lying and those soldiers shouted back and said and now we bring the fire to you
and there were explosions all over the area as they moved those trucks towards as approaching as quickly
as they could and those of us on the tower we put our arms around the metal in front of us and
we just held on but we kept yelling while we hold them held on the tower we kept yelling at people below us to not run towards the
fire to go left to go right go north to go south and when the trucks hit those towers all
around me there was a sonic boom and the towers shook very very very very badly but they did not go down
and they backed up as we continue to yell at the people in our area of influence and then they came speeding forward again to hit the tower the feet
of the tower and this time the towers moved more than before and the ground around it caught
fire as well as the trailers tipped over and they wedged the trucks against the tower feet
and those in the towers we kept yelling down at people and now we’re yelling at the drivers of the trucks who were
trapped telling them to get out the fire was spreading around them several of those trucks i could hear
explode one exploded at my feet and it killed the driver inside but one of those drivers was trying to
get his way and i kept you know go to the right go to your right go jump off the truck jump off the truck and go right
he looked back and he said i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry but they still not they did not listen
to us about where they were running and they ran into the fire as well so they ended up getting killed
those of us in the tower we warned some of those that were bursting into flames right when they hit
they it seemed like an invisible wall of fire they could not see but we could some did some did get very warm and
turned back some felt the heat but they seemed confused and they kept going forward until they too burst into flames
a few thank those of us up on the tower with tears in their hearts and tears in their eyes and they ran to safety
and those in the towers kept warning others and screaming some of us were hoarse from yelling so loud and some
were so we’re entirely simply whispered because that was all that we could do from all the yelling we were doing to try to get people to realize how
dangerous it was and settling the noise the fire the flames the
explosions all the yelling it just stopped everything got brutally silent and the clouds got very white in
front of us right in front of our eyes and it got very very transparent and everything lit up like lightning and
flash and did not go out i then heard the voice of the man that i see so often the dreams and he spoke out
of that cloud and he said this keep warning the church
and then he said it again on the letter keep warning the church and then he said it one more time even
later keep warning the church and in that instance that lightness that
light disappeared and the darkness returned and i saw the fire on the canopy below
me i saw that all the other people in the tower started yelling again at those below even while the towers on which
they said were being attacked and moving so we just kept doing what we were doing
and we warned the church with even greater intensity
a couple of things that stand out with me to this dream first of all fire towers are there to help rangers see
where the fires are coming from and the direction they’re going and in that sense fire rangers or those those
rangers can then give warnings to the city the community the area the nation that part of the world they’re in help
direct people to safety and estimate the danger levels in all directions in other words the fire towers give people clear
and full vision of what’s coming what’s going on and the things that are coming their way and the fire that we see the
fire was the consequences of sin and not just hell because hell is an eternal consequence of sin but the bible says
the wages of sin are death and if we continue to live lives that are full of sin we’re not repentant we’re not
turning from our sins then god’s going to allow the consequences of those sins to hit us very very very very hard there
were no buildings there were no uh businesses this was all about the spiritual warnings about neglecting the
word and the call of god to live right this was about people and this was specifically about the church when the
warning came more in the church more than keep on the church keep on the church people’s dreams this was about people in the church world who are not
listening and who are headed towards hell and will not listen to what the word of god says it was about all the people that was the
focus the winds were very strong and that means it was causing the voice of the holy spirit to not be heard these were
noise these were distractions these were the the things that we start getting ourselves involved with theologically
that do not line up with god’s word and the wind brought absolute confusion people didn’t know what to go and they
did not see the fire and they refused to know that they refused to listen to the warnings
of those who were calling out and those of us that were yelling it wasn’t yelling because we’re just mad it
was because without amplification it was a difficult task and we we we didn’t have any electrical
uh sound equipment but we were yelling with everything inside of us everything inside we were using all of our energy
to to expanding it to make sure people knew what was going on we beat on the wood we were making noise but no one
listened because they were very very unconcerned we were told to stop yelling that meant they were they were mocking they were
mocking and disdaining what god was trying to say and trying to help them with
we were trying to say that was the heart’s motivation of those on the tower that was the watchman but these people did not want to hear
the warning and they refused to acknowledge truth and they only wanted to go their own way even though there’s
a way that seems right to a man but the end with thereof is death that’s a proverb that applied to this passage
these soldiers these soldiers as already said they were not soldiers they were they they were
leaders in the churches that did not acknowledge the evil days in which we live they’re the ones that ignore the end time events they’re the ones that
encourage sin and the camouflage that they wore was cheap they were blending into the world they would not stop
living it they would not stop doing what they were doing they would not stop and be holy and righteous and they would not
do anything that was what god expected them to do they were angry at the message and they encouraged people of
their own and violate god’s word they said there is no fire there are no consequences you don’t have to stop
doing that don’t listen to these people in other words they were saying don’t be holy they were invalidating god’s word
they were invalidating god’s word and they were attacking those that encouraged the straight and narrow road walkers why because they hate the truth
the truth is this folks easy times are not coming this easy gospel that people preach you can just say a prayer and go
to heaven and live however you want that is not the gospel jesus said deny yourself to come across and follow me
this is not about living however you want this is not about allowing culture to dictate what the bible says the bible
dictates what culture does or should in that sense so we are our faith and our trust is in the word and eventually some
of these people some of these people lose their own lives in the fire why because they hate
those that speak the truth as well as as well they will do anything to silence those that speak the truth
watchman i’m talking to you all of us that are watching today you are watchmen and we’ve got a responsibility to share
the gospel to talk to people how to encourage them to live holy and righteous to turn away from the wicked
things that are causing nothing but death in their lives they were also telling us to stop they
said they were saying stop harassing these people that was an accusation of the enemy
people who do not want to hear the truth will accuse you of harassing harassing them no the truth is not harassment the
truth is what will set you free it was for freedom that christ has said is free paul said and that’s why this gospel has
to go out the truck drivers in in one of the you know even though they were trying to um
they were trying to knock down the towers they were trying to take away the platform they were trying this was the coming they were coming against the
church they were coming against preachers teachers leaders they were coming against people who were preaching and teaching jesus they were coming
against the truth of the gospel being spread and even one of those truth drivers they said they were sorry after
the trump got knocked over and they got out they said they were sorry but they did not repent they stood and listened
to the people yelling down at them hey don’t go this way hey don’t go that way
they didn’t not repent they said they were they were sorry but they were sorry for getting caught they
were sorry for being exposed and the invisible fire
the coming judgment and the consequences for ungodly living was this these people died they were burned alive
now we know that fire that the hell the fire of hell is an eternal fire the lord the word makes that clear
but these people were running it they weren’t even concerned they act like they didn’t see it why because they’ve not heard of the word they’ve not heard
those messages preached or they were neglecting the word of god or officially ignoring what the word of god says to them
they were unaware of the consequences whether they had heard them or not they were unaware of those consequences and
they were going to pay the ultimate price for it the adults that were there those adults knew better
okay and even the young ones were influenced by the old ones if you remember an older person pushed that young person down
the influence of the older folks that are not living for the lord and encouraging the younger one just to do whatever they want
que seras that lifestyle will send you to hell these adults knew better that they did
not want to hear the truth from anybody especially in this crowd they will do their own thing go their own way
and not pay a price for it on the attacks on the towers that was an attack on those preaching the truth and
warning the church that they’ve got to start living right the attack on the terrorists was the
attempt to silence the messengers and kill the messengers to cover up the truth to hide it to destroy it to bury
it to knock it down to come against it the fire of the destruction the hitting the foundations was an attempt destroyed
to destroy the foundation of the church jesus said the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church
and there’s fire in hell as i recall from the word of god so this was this was a clear indication to me the heavy
equipment they were using they were they were using anything they could laws leaders elected officials the
white house the courthouse who knows what they were basically saying we’re going to come against us and those leaders that that were dressed in
military that were con that were conforming to the world around them what they were doing was they were
compromising the gospel they were compromising the truth of god’s word and they were coming against the very thing
that god’s word tells us to do which is be holy for he is holy they were not hiding that full frontal
assault there was no stealth involved nobody was doing anything hidden they the the the top of the trucks were open
you could see the metal in the gasoline they they used the flare they threw the flare and then they and they set it on
fire and then they read those engines and headed right towards the foundations of the church in other words they’re not going to hide the assault there’s no
stealth going to be involved in this folk it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming
and those tower talkers the tower talkers were united and
unafraid and committed to preaching until the return of jesus until he comes they raised those fists
in the air and said until he comes they were united and they weren’t going to shut up they weren’t going to be silenced they were not going to be
bothered by the people were telling them to shut up they weren’t going to listen they were warning the people of the fire
ahead the hell that was coming in spite of the attempts to be silent they kept preaching they kept teaching they kept
saying the thing that needed to be said they were being obedient to god in spite of the attacks they weren’t going to
back down they weren’t going to compromise they were not going to water down the gospel they were using all their energy and all
their voices the one the church to walk in a different way and walk in holiness
and they were hoarse and proclaiming the truth and what i see with this is they had been doing this and doing this and
doing this they had worn and they had worn and they had warned and they had warned and they had more and people wouldn’t listen but they kept yelling
they kept screaming they were trying to get attention to people and they had been doing this for so long their voices were hoarse and could
hardly be heard at one point they were whispering one person was just whispering as loud as they could because
they were so committed to getting the message out more of them
there were more of them than i thought there was no sense in my mind when i saw
the others like oh my goodness thank you lord there’s other people out there it was just the sense i was surrounded all
around me there were towers there were people yelling down at those that were lost
all of them were speaking because they were watching and there was a whole lot more watchmen and they were more active than i can tell you and they were weary
they were tired they were sweaty they were covered in soot they were the fires were burning around their towers were
being attacked and they kept going why because they were committed to stay true to god regardless of persecution or even
death they would not fear the one who would kill the body but fear that they feared the one who could cast the body and so
on to hell and they realized that the danger that was coming was imminent
that word is very important in in the sense of what it was the new testament paul felt that the return of christ was
imminent it was very soon i believe i know i’ll tell you what folks i know jesus is coming back soon we watch the
world around us something’s happening something’s going on and god’s trying to say look i’m coming back
i’m coming back and his return is imminent whether you believe in the rapture or not the most important thing
you can do right now is be ready for jesus when he comes this is not a theological debate we know jesus is
coming back and those of you that are watching the dreams and watching watching this podcast today you know my heart you know where i’m coming from god
is trying to warn us the war in the church to make sure that they’re ready to go that they’re where they need to be with jesus
because this there were confused people these were people who’ve either not heard the gospel or never listened or
even heard a false gospel that that god is going to let you in you can just be a good old boy and still get
in i have talked to people in the last couple weeks who really believe they’re going to heaven because they go to church every once while where their
grandma their parents went to church people believe they’re getting in because their grandparents were there
and you explained the gospel i never heard that these people don’t know these are also
the confused people they were not settled in their theology they do not paul said i know whom i have believed
these people had no idea what they believed these people had no understanding of what they were supposed to be these people had no understanding
of the gospel they were not saved or if they thought they were saved they were not because they walked in the fire
they refused to listen to god’s word they refused to listen to the warnings to repent and be holy
some of them would turn and run trying to run and repent but only from punishment and not from the sin
you got a lot of folks that just want to get saved as hell insurance and live how they want you cannot do that
you can’t god will not there’s not gonna be religious people in heaven there’s gonna be people who are saved bought by the blood of jesus those are the ones
that will be there examine your life examine your heart
look at the things that are happening in your life your thoughts your mind your attitude look at your characteristics look at your behavior and question
whether those things line up with what god’s word tells you to line up with the last thing i want to focus on is the sky
the bible says there’ll be signs and wonders in the heavens and god speaking in this sense declares
that those things are true he was declaring the truth they were declaring the truth and that brutal silence was so the tower
walkers could hear precisely what was being said in other words those tower walkers said okay god what are you
saying i got to hear this clearly i can speak it i can preach i can teach it i can deliver it i can i can declare it i
can proclaim it that brutal silence was so those people could hear what they needed to say
and that means time in the secret place time in the presence of god time in the word time in the word
the purity of that cloud that represents the power and the truth of the warning to get right god is speaking right now
he’s telling the church wake up stop playing games stop pretending that you’re safe stop acting like you’re safe
when you’re not sundays should be the way that we live
every other day of the week monday should be lived the same way we live on sunday the consistency in our walk with
god is the most important thing we have to have and walk in so we keep warning the church every time
that the man said that it was to keep warning the church keep warning the church keep warning the church it was
not a yell or a scream it was louder it was firm it was speaking to those people who were the watchmen
from the towers telling them to continue to warn the church about what’s coming the challenges the difficulties but also
that they’re not where they need to be with the lord this was a message in the middle of chaos and encouragement to encourage and
to continue warning people don’t back down pastor from the gospel don’t back down watchmen from the gospel
don’t stop don’t start compromising anything you’re saying anything you’re doing anything you’re sharing do not
compromise those things because the world out there needs to hear a straight solid uncompromised unparalleled gospel
he’s intending on us to do it and there was more intensity after this happened the yelling got
louder the the the the looking down at people got louder and more focused
because they realized god had just spoken to them and said the time is near the reason the warning was there to keep one truth because he’s coming back he’s
coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle time is short and we know that time is very short it’s getting shorter
sure all the time every day that we live but the most important thing that we
realize is this god is our hope and our light in the midst of the darkness and even though things are getting more and
more difficult things are getting more and more confusing things are getting more and more challenging the bible makes it clear i will never leave you or
forsake you and for those of you that have family members and friends husbands wives kids
daughters your sons grandsons granddaughters aunts uncles kids family people that you work with that are lost
do not stop warning them do not stop one of the people that you know that are living wrong lie living living unholy
lives they’re violating god’s word by how they live do not be afraid to warn them warn them warn them war and then
warn them we can’t play games anymore church game
time is over preparation time is almost at the end of it
work well legit day it is becoming night the darkness is showing up very very clearly
and too many people do not want to accept it too many people do not want to to to look at that and say oh yeah that’s the truth people don’t want to
change their lives people don’t want to change their attitude they don’t want to change their behavior they don’t want to change their habits or their
characteristics and god is saying you’re better or you’re not getting in and that’s what it comes down to folks
so make sure make sure make sure that today you’re where you need to be with
the lord make sure make sure make sure today that your warning and your warning and your warning and you’re warning the
people around you people that you know in the church world people that are lost i believe this was specifically for the church to say wake up wake up wake up
and the shaking of that towers i believe is also part of the judgment that’s coming into the church because peter said judgment will begin in the house of
god and what’s not stable what’s not solid what’s not built on the rock will be swept away
remember when jesus said the two parables the parable of the of the two foundations house built on sand got
blown away the house built in the rock still had the storms last night about 11 o’clock a storm went
through our community and after i heard the thunder i knew it was confirmation about the dream god had
given me as a warning and that i was supposed to do it this morning because there was this flash lightning that my
son saw at his apartment and then it shook the thunder blasted so hard it
shook our house we had stuff move on shelves i stuff movement addresses it shook our entire house
and all i know that judgment’s here that judgment’s here
we’re starting to see things come out in washington about the laptops we’re starting to see things come out about
people in power folks we’ve been praying for years about corruption to be exposed and those things are starting i don’t
care who gets back in the white house at this point my focus isn’t on who the next president is or if a former president is coming back my focus is
we’ve got to reach the lost who are unsafe we got to reach the people in the church who are playing games with god and don’t even realize it
we’ve got to be all in we got to be all in
you’re going to you can stand your light you can build your house in a rock folks but the storms are still going to come and the difficulties are still going to
come so let’s pray lord jesus i am asking you today to
encourage the watchmen to continue to warn the church warn the church warn the
church god i believe you are in this dream you gave me this dream to warn the church to reach the body to speak the
truth of what’s happening and may we listen and more than just listen god may we be obedient to preach that heavenly
message that you’ve given us may we be obedient to live the message even though it’s hard and difficult at the time
you’ll give us the strength and the power we need i thank you that you will never leave us or forsake us i’m just simply asking you god today to move in
our lives to move in our hearts challenge us to not be afraid to speak the truth in
love to not be afraid to preach the gospel to not be afraid
to get in people’s faces when we need to lord
i think that nathan would have got in david’s face and he said david you are the man lord put us in those places where we can
confront the sin that’s in someone’s life lord give us the word of knowledge that word of wisdom give us a prophetic
word to speak the truth as it needs to be spoken so that we can see people saved
completely and fully we can see people in the church repent and and turn from their wicked ways turn
from their sin and come back to following you god that’s our heart and that’s our
passion and i’m asking you to do it through me and through those of us that
are watching for those that will watch this video this this podcast later on god remind us of the work that we have
to do remind us lord remind us lord
to one church and we pray this in jesus name
amen amen folks i greatly appreciate you being a
part of this today and listening i pray you’ll take the warning as seriously as you possibly can
this world is lost this world is going to hell without christ
there is a great white throne judgment that is coming and those whose names are not found in
the lamb’s book of life will be going there
so we cannot stop we cannot stop just like someone said would you do not grow weary in well
doing a verse that i’ve been quoting for the last several months with my mom getting sick of
things has been weary yet pursuing it’s from the book of judges that basically i i am weary i am tired
i’m still catching up from from losing my mom still got a lot going on matter of fact if you folks can pray i’ve been
having an issue with blood pressure i’ve never had never in my entire life never in my entire life have i had blood
pressure issues until the last week week and a half and suddenly it’s high enough i should probably go to er i’ve got
nurses in in my church are like oh my goodness what are you doing so i i don’t know what it is i’ve been praying i’ve
been trusting more to bring healing i’m going to the doctor on monday to find out what i need to do i don’t want to go on blood pressure medicine once again
i’m 53 i’ve never had this issue but i’m a diabetic been a diabetic for 30 years so i appreciate your prayers for me in
that regards and that we can get through this folks i’m just telling you this he’s trying to remind us that he’s
coming back soon he’s trying to remind you and i that we’ve got a job to do people to reach people a message to
share with a loss so thank you for stopping by for listening this share it as much as you
want tell people what’s going on and i don’t care if they mock laugh ridicule make fun i don’t care at this point in
my life in the last two years i got to show me some things and i’m appreciative of that but i’m not going to stop i’m
not going to shut up i’m not going to be quiet i’m not going to back down i’m not going to compromise i’m not going to surrender to what calls for says
so let the lord do what he wants to do with you and with me so we can make a difference all right
hey folks thanks for stopping by take it seriously take the gospel everywhere you go right
hey god bless


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