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The Finger of God – Tasha Grant-Reid


The Finger of God

November 5, 2020 9:15 AM
Tasha Grant-Reid

October 27, 2020.

In prayer and seeking the Lord. I saw what looked like the Lord with a finger up… I thought he was telling me to be silent (index finger) instead he pointed down next… This was repeated several times… Up then down… I even looked down but couldnt see anything. I began thinking about other things I have read about the release of demons under the earth etc… It was then the holy spirit gave me the word… ‘the finger of God is coming down‘. I knew right away, this is judgment. As the finger of God used on Egypt when the Pharaoh refused to heed to Moses. The power of God was manifest to them all.

Saints please be prepared in your heart and mind for what is to come.

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