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The Final Warning! – McKana


The Final Warning!

December 26, 2020
Proverbs 3:5 (KJV)
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Today, we all have seen the most exhaustive compilations of the words, the warnings and the testimonies of many of our brothers and siters given by our dear Brother Christian Robert. This testimony given below compliments and gives the final word regarding the vaccine.

It is so painful to see many lost instantly. It took the long sufferings, pain, blood and life of our dear Lord to save mankind. Regardless of His mercy and grace, it hurts so much to see many millions in the long run Billion lost in an instant. I am being honest to share the questions I asked this morning of December 26, 2020 at ~12:00PM and the answer I received. After seeing all those truthful testimonies from many, I felt bad in asking the question. Anyway, I wanted to hear it from the Lord. I was not expecting a swift answer but I did until I say “this fast?” The details of my written conversation with the Lord of my deep concern is not important. The question and the answer do. As usual, take this to the Lord. Here is the simple precise question I asked the Lord and the instant answer I received:Dear Lord Almighty God!

Will the people who take the vaccine go to hell?(I asked this as an honest little child) In an instant, I heard:-

“They will go to hell with no remedy”

Now, finally, we have the word and there is no excuse. Isn’t this what we have been warned all this long?

I remember the testimony I gave on May 22,2020. Open Eyes, See The Reality!. MAY 22, 2020,
MCKANA In this testimony few of the words I gave were:“Open Eyes, see the reality.
Vaccine + Chip = “Mark of the Beast, ” the fast approaching scenario, is the real one or
the preciouses to the real one is here. . Once the chip is in, it caries the Identity of the individual,

Eventually, the mega destruction from this(the vaccine) and gradually the final Mark is incomparable to anything in the history of mankind, Billions and Billion are lead to eternal, everlasting destruction, condemnation. This “Chip” story is that big. All roads lead to Rome, they say. The end goal is the same (The Vaccine and the Mark). That is why we are told to watch and wait. Watch the deception unfold right in front of us. Whether this not, it can be reprogrammed, modifies or changed to the real one or it is the real one.”

Corona kills less than 5%, the vaccine 100% eternal death!
Choose Life not Death!
Choose Heaven not Hell!

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