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The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 5 (Final Part) – Holy Spirit Wind

The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 5 (Final Part)

Holy Spirit Wind

The Lord’s Perfect Sign Ends January 21, 2019 1-10-19

The sign that I have given started on Dec. 21st 2010, on your calendar and it will be completed Jan. 21st 2019 on your calendar, at 12:12 am EST. The time of its ending significant, this number means total completeness of the warning time that I have given before the greater judgments begin: earthquakes, the fiery kick off event, economic collapse, famine, disease, and then the great war begins. This warning alone has lasted 8 years and one month; some would like more time but what would be done with more time if I gave it? I have been warning the world through My servants the prophets for over 100 years that you are in the last days. There are very few hearing My warnings right now. My chosen few have heard plenty of My warnings and they grow weary of them. Let it not be said that I am not merciful and longsuffering. The time of the end of the age has truly come!

Some Questions and Answers From Jesus 2-3-19

Do not reject Me this day! You know not whether you even have your next breath and you do not know when your number of days are over but I do. I hold it all in my hand and I want you to reach out to that hand and trust Me with everything that you are. Desire Me more anything else and you will gain many, many other things that you desire now. I tell you do not delay for end time events have accelerated quickly just as I have said and they will continue to speed up until time is no more. It is then that he who is wicked will remain wicked and he who is holy will remain holy.

I love you but you must listen to Me now! The kickoff event is still coming and you must be ready! Many even worse things shall follow. Do not reject Me, it may be the last time that you hear My warning and pleading.

Humble yourselves before me now, repent and desire Me Above All Else!


(I felt such strong love as He said that but also sadness because so few are putting what they hear and read into practice)

Jesus Christ

Yahshua HaMashaich

I Use What the Enemy Means for Harm for Good in These End Days 2-10-19

In the coming days, I will shake this earth and My sleeping remnant awake. Some of you are awake now and are trying to sober up those that are intoxicated with the things of this world with little success. When I shake they will awake! As the fiery kick off event burns and consumes, My Spirit will burn and consume all that is not of Me in you. It will be like a blazing inferno that cannot be contained by those full of My oil. You have been and will be pressed as olives and My oil will flow out of you. My children you have been and will be crushed like grapes and My new wine will flow out of you. It has been and will be in the death of your own ambitions, pleasures, desires and wills. That is when more of Me comes out of you. I will see that the oil and wine are not harmed for the carriers of My Spirit are needed for the harvest and all of their needs shall be provided for.

The Day of the Lord is Coming! Who of you is Ready? 3-11-19

Now is the time to come to Me with your whole heart, before the fiery kick off event takes place because then everything changes suddenly, like a switch being flipped. My faithful, holy ones who have given Me ALL will be greatly rewarded. There is room for all to come in, don’t believe the lies of the enemy. No one can come to the Father except by Me. I am the only mediator between the Almighty, Most High Father and man. THERE IS NO OTHER! My blood paid for ALL sin for ALL time but you must repent and turn away from it. You must do this without procrastination, for the prophecies of old are coming true right before your eyes. Most eyes are blinded to this by choice.

“I Know that You Do Not Want to See What is Coming Upon the Earth But the Truth is Most of You Will.”4-27-19

I know that you do not want to see the man-made fiery kickoff event but most of you will. I have said before “America The Event planned for your shores will be 10 times more destructive than anything you have ever seen before, for you have rejected Me and My ways and My laws.” At this present time what happens to America affects the whole earth but America will fall in one hour and it will come quickly after this event and she will be brought lower than the “third-world” countries of today. The son of perdition will come back to rule you once again but will leave and go on to take his place as the one-world leader. He will leave just before America is offered up as a burnt offering on the altar of his father, Satan.


My son, I told you in Feb. 2018 that Donald Trump would be slain and his spirit has been but his body is next. That is when America will see the fiery kick off event and Obama shall return. Financial disaster, civil war and world war will come suddenly and very close together. This is why Trump was chosen by the hidden powers of darkness. They have been and will continue to use him until they are done with him and then they will use even his death to cause chaos, violence, hatred and death among the people. Obama will be welcomed back and even many of those who hated him before will be relieved but his false peace will not last long. The complete destruction of America will come under the rule of Obama. He will leave and then Babylon the great will be destroyed in one hour. (As this was spoken to me I saw a flash vision of Obama seated in a jet plane looking out the window waving and smiling with his evil smirk and then it was over.)

War Will Not be Turned Back Now for it is Time 5-17-19

America, I no longer fight for you or protect your military endeavors and conquests. You have had your way with the weaker nations of the world but that is ending. The nations you seek to control now are backed by the ones who will unseat you from your throne, oh queen of nations! Your deceitful ways have been uncovered and you will be stripped naked for all to see. Your “false flags” only fool the blind and deaf of your own nation but your enemies see the truth and they will have their way with you.

America, there is no coincidence concerning the names of the ships Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan they will suffer the same fates as their namesakes. When you see this you will know that all that I have spoken is true and that the complete destruction is coming to the once greatest nation of all. You will become lowest of all because you have turned your back on Me your first love.

Prophecy Will Become Tomorrow’s Headlines even Before the Transformation of My Remnant Bride 5-27-19

In the coming days the fiery kick off event will indeed take place. Prophecy will become tomorrow’s headlines even before the transformation of My remnant bride. My words shall come to pass, every last one! I am not mocked! Can those that have sown death reap life? Can those that have sown war reap peace? Can those that have sown sinful, wicked perversion reap, glorious, holy righteousness? Do not be deceived into thinking that you will not see destruction because you will unless are taken to be with Me early in death. That great city Babylon will utterly burn and be overtaken by wave after wave of the sea to cleanse her. The world will be in shock and weep for her. The great city that is named for the fruit of her sin shall reap the harvest of the seeds that she has sown. The city that never sleeps shall be put to rest, she will fall and rise no more. This shall fully open the third seal and the scroll shall roll out and the black horse will ride across America and the rich nations of the world. Those filled oil and wine of My Spirit will be provided for as they help others, bringing them into repentance before Me and trusting in faith what I have said, having peace in the midst of calamity and destruction. This will happen shortly before the complete transformation of My remnant/bride.

Be aware that once the fiery kick off event happens, events will come faster than you have ever seen before. Fear not for I have shortened the days for the sake of My elect. Though you will wonder if I have abandoned you go to your secret place with Me and you will see that measure of My Spirit given to you will be suddenly be increased. The complete transformation of the remnant/ bride will take place at the sixth seal. This happens during the 3 days of darkness, the first fruits shall all be sealed on their foreheads and then they shall help Me gather the harvest as I thrust My sharp sickle into the earth.

The Only Thing that will be Great Again About America will be Her Fall because She has Forsaken Me! 6-3-19

I warn you again America, disaster and calamity comes quickly for you. After the Abraham Lincoln goes down in flames and you are embroiled in conflict, so will the tower that bears the name of Donald Trump and thus he will meet his demise during the fiery kickoff event. As I have told you before Donald Trump is as Belshazzar, he shall be slain and America will be given to the Medes and the Persians. (This is modern day Iran and parts of the surrounding countries.) After this fiery kick off event the most severe judgment on America begins. Most will not understand that this has all been planned for years and now the stage has been set and all the players are in place. War on America will come on every front and internally. Muslim Jihad and civil war will come simultaneously along with financial ruin, martial law, famine, disease as well as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes and then nuclear and even destruction from “aliens”,which are the fallen ones, and their weapons that most do not even take into account. Then My wrath shall be poured out upon you, oh Babylon the great! A great fireball that you don’t see coming because it is from Me. This will end the seal judgments and My sealed servants will be transformed and be sent out to harvest all those who would receive Me as Savior.

During all of this Obama will be welcomed back to lead America and most will put their trust in him and he will promise peace and protection but bring chaos and destruction. How foolish they will be found to be! How utterly foolish it is to trust in man instead of Me! He will absolutely do what his father Satan does best, steal, kill and destroy: all the time smiling and lying. He will finally be allowed to accomplish his objective. As he departs America will be attacked from the north, while she is in total disarray and unable to defend herself. This is the final destruction in one hour by fire of Babylon the great. The only thing that will be great again about America will be her fall because she has forsaken Me! Even in this I seek the repentance of each individual soul. National repentance will not take place, judgment has been set. You know not the abundance of tears I have shed for you but you have refused Me. ( I felt his pain a deep sorrow)


From Brother David Jones Sr. : While I was in prayer in the spirit I asked the Lord when would this false flag event occur & I was immediately taken into a vision. I was up in the sky looking down upon a large city at night & I heard the WORD Philadelphia & the words Philadelphia appeared over this city, then i was right back in my prayer. I write ALL my dreams, visions, scriptures & audibles given to me down in my notebooks. Ok, last night around 9pm I came outta prayer & I was TOLD to read through these notebooks! I opened & the page I opened to was the vision of Philadelphia & the kick-off event. A sister in Christ THEN sent me a msg asking what i was doing, & i told her that the Lord led me to my notebooks & right to the vision of Philadelphia & I told her that this is what i was given as to what to look for BEFORE the kick-off event would occur. This morning I wake up to ANOTHER msg from this sister & she’s saying that she’s losing it because of what I told her last night. She said she turned on her tv this morning & all she’s seeing is explosions in Philadelphia!! The largest gas refinery in the USA exploded at 4am eastern time. The kick off event that you were told about is about to occur Jeff!!

Dream, Interpretation and Word: Bank on Fire 6-30-19

This is what the Lord has given me for the interpretation of all of this put together. The bank represents current financial system, with the American dollar as the world reserve currency, that has been in place since the inception of the Petrodollar in 1974 by President Richard Nixon and secretary of state Henry Kissinger with the Saudi royal family who were the most powerful member of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). This took America off of the gold standard (also called the Bretton Woods agreement) and forced every oil importing nation in the world to buy American dollars to buy oil. The semi tractor-trailer fuel tanker truck represents the SWIFT system that delivers currency to the current banking system. The gasoline itself is representative of the petrodollar that fuels the current banking system. When the delivery hose is disconnected and spills all over the ground, it represents countries that are bypassing the petrodollar and using their own systems for transactions. The masked man who throws the lit match represents the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln getting struck by fire and sinking. The bankers and wealthy know that this is coming because this is part of the New World Order plan to bring in the new financial system, which will be the beast system. The fire and explosion on the bank building represents a huge downturn in the economy of America and War with Iran. The current banking system involving the petrodollar, will not come down all the way at this point but it will be severely weakened. The fiery kickoff event will damage it even more. There will be many natural cataclysms that will bring the American economy down as well. It will not come down all the way until after 6th seal great earthquake caused by an asteroid strike in the Caribbean (as seen by Efrain Rodriguez) and then Russia and China attack and invade America and all her major cities will be burned to the ground.


Now, this is the order that I have given to you many times but will be repeated for those who do not know it. My Son’s catching away of the remnant/bride will not occur before the false flag, fiery kickoff event in New York City. This will lead to economic collapse, nuclear war, famine, disease, persecution and then the sun will turn black at noonday and the moon will turn blood red. Meteors and fallen angels will strike the earth, along with a fireball sent by Me from the heavens, that will cause the greatest earthquake you have ever known of. This is when the 144000 are marked, this chosen group will be totally transformed during the thick, gross darkness. That is when they shall arise and shine, not before. They will shine brightly, like lamps full of fresh, pure oil from My Spirit. They will perform the greatest miracles even seen on the face of the earth, nothing will be impossible for them. They will have My Spirit without measure, more than Yahshua had as He walked the earth. This is when the great harvest shall be reaped, before I pour out My wrath upon the whole earth. Then My Son shall take His remnant/ bride out of the earth.

My children I want you to read these chapters in the Bible so you know what is coming : Matthew chapter 24, Revelation chapters 6-8, Joel chapter 2, Isaiah chapters 13 and 60

My Son is coming very soon!


Your Abba Father

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