The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 4 – Holy Spirit Wind

The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 4

Holy Spirit Wind

Yes, My Glory Comes with the Destruction, BE READY! 

My people, don’t get comfortable! Everything in this world is not as it seems! Stay Alert! Be Sober minded and vigilant! Live your life after the Spirit and not after the flesh. Things are changing quickly and will continue ever more quickly until the end. Get closer to me than you have ever been before! This is the only way that you will be able to endure till the end and be saved. The kick-off comes quickly!
I know that you have heard this over and over again from Me but it is the truth. I always tell you the truth. I am not a man that I can lie. I know that some of you think that I am repeating Myself and this is true. The reason for this is that the vast majority are not listening to Me. I have been warning through my prophets and watchmen for many years now and some have woken up from their slumber but multiplied millions have gone back to sleep and run out of oil and their lamps. They are no longer watching for My soon return and think there are many years left. You are not promised tomorrow, here on this earth. Most do not know who I am and they are without hope because the darkness has overwhelmed and consumed them, but even one ray of My light can be enough to awaken and transform them if they are among those that I have chosen.

The Burden of Damascus Isaiah 17 

My humble, holy, faithful sons and daughters, this is the time that you have been waiting for! Be not ignorant of what time you are in, it has been revealed through My servants the prophets. Many of My children from past generations have longed to be in the time that you are right now. You are the last generation and you are very close to the time of your revealing to the world. As I have told you before my glory comes upon you as the destruction and cataclysm comes upon the whole earth.
The Fulfillment of Isaiah chapter 17 is very near. It will no longer be inhabited as a city when this event comes to pass, it will become a ruinous heap. This is not the kick-off event  that I have told you about many times,  that will be in America. This is yet another marker in time that I have placed to let you know where you are on my event timeline. I have told you before that I keep Time by events and not as man keeps time. I have told you that Israel is my clock upon this earth and so are the prophecies in My scriptures, the patterns of sun, the moon and the stars, for I have set and hold them all in motion.
Not many days from now Samson shall be unleashed upon Damascus and from that time forward war will not stop until the end. All of my people,  the remnant of the fortress of Ephraim, shall be departed from Syria like the glory from Israel says the Lord of hosts. And in that day the glory of Jacob will be brought low, and the fat of his flesh will grow lean.(Isaiah 17:3-4)

Ready or Not Here it Comes. I Wait for No Man. 

The calamities and destruction that I have warned you about are beginning to come to pass and will continue to come to pass with ever increasing force and velocity until the end. I have foretold of these things so that you will not be fear, but be prepared. The kick-off event will awaken many of those who were watching for Me but had fallen asleep when it becomes reality in the physical realm. Many were seduced by the lying spirits of the false prophets, who speak of peace and safety but do not warn of the sudden destruction that follows. The oil in your lamps must be lit to be able to find your way along the narrow path that leads to Me, I AM the door. You must be on fire for Me! Although I am loving, merciful, long-suffering and understanding, the time will come when no more will enter in to Me. If you know Me intimately, you will obey Me and keep My commandments.
Yes, the things warned about are now becoming your physical reality but I long for you to have a different spiritual reality with Me. You must overcome and put your fleshly ways to death! Come into the secret place of the Most High, behind the veil, in My throne room, worshipping and listening at My feet. The enemy cannot enter here! This is where you will receive your final instructions during the end of days. For your devices, phones, computers and the internet will soon cease to function as they do today. When these things are taken away My children will seek Me more than they do today, they are a stumbling block to most. I say to you My people, seek My voice until you hear it and don’t give up. Many of you still have not learned how to hear My voice, even though I speak to you constantly. I speak most often to your spirit, in a still small voice but to hear you must be in the Spirit, which is where the secret place of the Most High is. Sometimes I speak to the soul which is louder and easier to hear. Very few are the times that I speak so a physical hear can hear Me but it does happen and will happen when I choose it to.


Yes, My son you are also correct about the urgent time that you are in the physical realm as well. I will shake your country (America) awake before it is completely destroyed. The fiery, false-flag, kick off event closer than ever now but most think that it could never happen but it will, for there has been no lasting repentance.
I tell you this will be as the song says,
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
So urgent, emergency”.
I have seen a few cry out to Me for a short time, only the remnant/bride seeks repents and seeks Me with urgency. I see your tears as you cry out to Me and I feel your sincere love for Me and you will be rewarded for your faithfulness and diligence. These will be the ones who are counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before Me because they pray always. The urgent prayers of My remnant/bride are powered by My Spirit and they accomplish great things for My kingdom. The miraculous will become commonplace when My people pray with faith and urgency. When the normalcy that you live in is taken away My people will cry out to Me with much more urgency. This is coming quickly, expect it and do not be caught off guard as those who have fallen back asleep.

If given 10 more years Satanically controlled AI robots would control the entire Earth. 

I call all to repentance now! Forsake your sin and follow Me. When My warnings end you will wish you had another. When your days of comfort and ease end you will wish you had one more. When the kickoff event comes you will wish you had prepared more. When death  and destruction come over this nation like a flood of fire you will wish you had an Ark of Safety. When you stand before my judgement seat you will wish for mercy but there will be none! You will wish that you had forsaken everything and followed Me but instead you followed man, your own fleshly desires and ultimately Satan. Wishing does no good, you need to pray to me! I will hear you if you are sincere, no matter who you are or what you have done.
Cry out to Me in repentance before it’s too late, I died for each one of you and took your punishment because I love you. Remove your spiritual blindfolds and see that I AM THE ONLY WAY!
One second too late is too late!
Jesus Christ
Yahushua ha Mashiach


“This Fall will be a Giant Step Toward the Complete Fall of America but the End is Not Yet”

America is falling even now because they have not turned to Me. This Fall will be a giant step toward the complete fall of America but the end is not yet. After the kick-off event America will go into a free fall that will not stop until the bottom is reached. After the kick off event the highest idol America has will be taken down first, her wealth. Attempts will be made to prop the economy back up but they will be unsuccessful. The fall of America will continue until it hits the absolute bottom. No nation has ever been exalted as high as America and no nation has ever been as low as I will bring America.
America, even now the wicked hearts of your leaders and people are being revealed. Those who have My light can plainly see the deeds of darkness that prevail over the nation. Those who cannot see this are in darkness and are blinded by it.

Rest in Me, Walk in the Spirit, Hidden Treasures in My Word are Being Revealed 

Yes My children, you are in the time of great change even now but you will see even more drastic change in the blink of an eye, very soon. My children, I do not want you to be running to and fro in the chaos after the kick-off event takes place. This is why I tell you of these things beforehand. It is written that cataclysmic events, man-made/fallen angel destruction, war, economic collapse, famine, disease, persecution even unto death, great earthquakes, floods and many other things shall take place before My coming. What is written shall NEVER pass away! Heaven and earth shall pass away but MY WORD SHALL NOT PASS AWAY! Behold, I make all things new, that is what I do! I never stop!

“The Calamities and the Fiery, False Flag Events Shall Kick Off Soon.” 

America, your political solutions to your spiritual problems will not delay your judgment. In truth, either way that you vote you will be punished. One way will be quicker and one way will be more severe. Your current king was brought into office to begin your judgment but your former king shall return as the events proceed and finish it. He will oversee your destruction and then move on to his role as the leader of the ten kings. Barack Hussein Obama will be the flesh and blood manifestation of Satan on the Earth, just as I was the flesh and blood manifestation of My Father, the Most High God, El Elyon,YHVH. Obama shall be fully possessed by Satan after the kick-off. My children in America, you shall suffer persecution by his hand. Those who are not close to Me but call themselves “Christians” shall be persecuted the worst. Those who have kept themselves in intimate relationship and stayed holy before Me shall suffer the least. All will suffer some and some will be taken out of the midst of the evil into My presence and their suffering will be over. My remnant/bride will be given an extra anointing during this time even before the transformation.

America,the Fiery Kick-Off Event is Still Coming Right on Time…MY TIME! 

America, I tell you once again, even though so few are listening, the fiery kick off event is still coming right on time…MY TIME! Everything that you lust for now will be gone after this. Your wealth will be gone in a blink of an eye because it was made of paper and it will burn up and then so will your entire country, from coast to coast and everything in between except for what I protect, which will be very little.

Take Aim and Set Your Focus on Me Now Like a Laser! 

My children, you are not to be aiming or using your spiritual weapons against your brothers and sisters, they are not your enemies. If you do this, you are doing the enemy’s work. Let not gossip proceed out of your mouth. When you believe that your brothers and sisters are wrong pray to Me and I will show you what to do. Do not assume that you know the perfect answer in every situation, you are not God! I AM the judge of the heart and I long to show mercy and grace and restore into right relationship, those who have gotten off of the narrow path. Speak My truth in love and correct only after you have sought My will in laser focused prayer.”

After this I asked the Lord what are the things that His people should be looking for in the near future. This was His answer:

“Large Earthquakes and other Earth Changes, The Fiery Kick Off Event, Absolute Financial Collapse, Civil War in many places and Nation Waring against Nation, Persecution, Sickness and Disease, Famine, Death Surrounding on Every Side, Darkness and Evil Overtaking Almost Everything but the then Transformation of the Remnant/Bride and the Great Harvest. All of these things and more will happen BEFORE My people are evacuated off of the Earth.

My children, simply humble yourselves before Me, take aim and set your focus on Me now like a laser!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach”

“2019 is Not the End but Your World Will Not be the Same as it has Been.” 

My beloved ones, I have told you many times through many of My servants the prophets and through many messages, words, dreams, visions and prophecies, the things that are coming upon the earth. The time is here, there will be no delay. Do not listen to those false voices that tell you that there is delay. They will answer to Me for prophesying lies in My name and allowing My people to put their guard down. Things may not go like you believe but they are proceeding rapidly. My true voices are speaking with urgency right now! The blood of those who have been deceived by those giving false words will be on their hands, unless they repent before Me and publicly and renounce their false prophetic words that were from the seducing spirits that I have allowed to go out. My children, the time of great deception is here! Many ministries that you have followed in the past have lost their way and no longer hear from Me. Because they have not stayed in My word and intimate with Me they have followed a god of their own making. Many of these have great, well-known ministries and huge multitudes of followers. Ask Me for discernment and I will give to you freely. Remember what has been said about the multitudes, they are in the valley of decision. These are the ones My remnant/bride are called to minister to and once the kick-off events take place, you will win many over to Me and the backsliders will be brought back to Me by you as well.

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