The Fiery Furnace – Tess Ann Macallister


“The fiery furnace “

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Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today?.

Yes daughter I do I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. Daughter this message is for you and the rest of my bride and remnant (not the lukewarm unbelieving etc). Daughter tell my people the nearness of my return!!!. My people do you feel an urgency in your spirit ? You should !! I AM COMING QUICKLY. America is going to be nothing after the tribulation. My children my bride do you not know the lateness of the dark hour you live in ? If not it’s time to wake up you are the last generation that will see the rapture !!! I have warned many for years to repent and turn to me yet so few have heeded my warnings. America’s churches are lukewarm and completely unprepared for my return. Most who profess to be Christians do not even believe they are living in the last days. Deception is running high!! My remnant you must seek me directly on your knees in my word prayer repentance worship etc and most importantly in order to be saved you must have my blood covering. Do you not hear my watchmen, watch-women, prophets, and messengers warning you of the things that are coming?. America will never be great again. It is going down the toilet fast. Most are going to hell and don’t even realize it. If you do not survive sudden destruction that will follow the rapture , you will die in your sins and find yourselves in hell for all eternity. My bride take this very seriously your eternity depends on it !!!. You my bride are not appointed to my wrath I am just addressing those who are in my body. My bride will be taken before the darkness completely takes over. Satan knows his time is short so he is doing everything he can to bring souls with him to hell. Daughter I will never deliver feel good tickle the ears kinds of messages. I warn, reprove, rebuke, and chastise, out of love. My bride many of you are being tried tested and pushed beyond your limits exhausted tired and frustrated. Do not fear I am with you and I am coming to take you home. Right now I am taking many of you through the fiery furnace to cleanse, purify, sanctify, wash, soak, cover, and purge you from everything that is not of me. Let go of this world. Do not focus on the things of this temporary world. You are not going to be on Earth forever and when you leave this earth you will have to give an account of your entire life on earth to me and my father. Make the choice now to follow and obey me. My bride I will continue to bring through the trials of this present life until I bring you home. Each of you still have much work to do but your journeys on this earth are almost complete all of heaven is awaiting your arrival!!! Prepare yourselves now while there is still time. Time is running out fast for you. Get right with me today and pray that you will be counted worthy to escape the things to come. Much terror sorrow chaos and destruction never seen before is coming. Especially to Babylon North America!!!! My bride the time to press forward and spread the gospel is now not later!!. My bride get on your knees take up your positions and fight !!!. You are my end time army and you cannot be stopped my holy (sanctified ones). My people I do not want you to live in fear but in peace. The narrow path is extremely difficult but well worth it in the end. Much rewards are being stored up for you my precious bride. Do not doubt do not fear. Seek and pursue me with all of your heart. Seek to be in my will doing my will on a daily basis. I do not expect you to be perfect just holy. Without holiness no one will see me or the father. BE THEREFORE HOLY BECAUSE I AM HOLY!!!!. My people you are living in the last days of the church age as soon as the rapture occurs and I take my true followers and sheep home with me all hell will break loose. It will be the ultimate test for my lukewarm church and they will have to be beheaded for my name sake. Children what is your choice today ?. Rapture or tribulation ?. Choose this day whom ye shall serve. BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY SAITH YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH JESUS CHRIST KING OF KINGS

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