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The family and marriage is HOLY to ME!

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Kristina Heuken-Goossen 


Hello my dears!

Tonight I understood and understood something profound and changing!
And the LORD gave me a brief but concise word!

This is it:

MY beloved child,
write down what the LORD your Father has to tell you!

Oh kid!
Nothing is as important to me
as family and marriage!
Because LOVE is lived in her!
In her, LOVE becomes perfect!

Satan destroys her!
Because he knows that
this is the foundation,
the rock!
Man falls into shakiness and shudder
when this cornerstone is missing!

And the LORD means NATURAL here,
a marriage community and family ties,
who lives in HIS commandments!
Because in this marriage and family, the Lord is
first and His blessing lies on everything.

After a week of intense impressions and
GOD guided days and words for me,
I got a very important answer
and clarity tonight.

Everything I post here has come from my own experience with YESHUA.

And now leave only one with on the way,
because I see how much among brothers and sisters,
but also among the non-believers, more and more Satan brings the wedge and thus splitting in marriage, family and in society.
And apparently nobody realizes and notices
because instead of
going against it and fighting against the evil, GOOD is declared to be EVIL,
BAD is made GOOD!

Bad behavior is defended and applauded.
Good behavior is bored and mocked.

And behind all this is the pride. to know better!
Thus, to know better what GOD’S TRUTH is!


And we, who warn and draw attention to messages, visions, and GOD’S WORD that YESHUA stands before the WORLD DREAM,
are kept at bay because of the lies that Satan spread in science and thus in uni’s and schools, in media, and so on or not taken seriously.

And I remember:
How was it when YESHUA first came?

Although YESHUA was born in Bethlehem,
as the scriptures say,
He grew up in Nazareth,
and that alone was the criterion for the Church’s leaders that He could NOT be the Messiah!

YESHUA came as a simple carpenter, poor and without pomp.
He did miracles and preached and told stories and parables.
And more care was taken that
HE did NOT come like King David or Solomon,
which was enough for the church’s chiefs to disqualify him only by seeing the person,
for the miracles and what he said counted NOTHING!

How is it today?
Exactly, the signs are more than obvious,
the YESHUA is coming.

But the world has more criteria and alleged evidence against this TRUTH!
Satan works much more in this world
than many want to admit.

And one more thing,
and that’s the most important thing in the end: get

your HEART of YESHUA cleansed!
Load it in and make absolutely free of old, ballast and unforgiveness!
A heart of gold, purified!

Because miracles are born in the heart!

When we love
in us and let us work through,
then we really know
the OF,
THE STRONGER is in us than he that outside
if GOD IS FOR us,
NOBODY can be against us!

When we think, speak and act that way,
yes, that is a daily struggle against ourselves,
our flesh and against Satan’s lies!

Won the YESHUA on the cross of Golgatha
underpinned by HIS RESURRECTION!

Heal Family & Marriage

Dear Ones ,
let us heal our families and marriages,
through, with and for YESHUA!
Because the darkest hour of the world is imminent
and nobody should get lost by our loved ones!


Original German version here

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  1. Annonymous

    This breaks my heart for after 16 years of marriage my wife as chosen to simply walk away and I know these Words of yours are true. I don’t understand why at all and I’m terrified for her soul. The enemy has just blinded her and calloused her heart so very much and and I know many others are experiencing the same thing right now even throughout the body of Christ. Yet I feel that God is shaking everything that can be shaken and whatever is of dross and stubble will be sifted away and burned… Lord Jesus hold us all in Your beautiful hands. Be our peace and our anchor and strong tower in the dark days ahead…

  2. Vanderlucia

    Obrigada irmã por compartilhar os ensinamentos do Senhor para estes últimos dias!
    Deus seja louvado!

  3. Joshua 1:9

    Hey anonymous, I’ve know that pain too brother…my wife left after 29 yrs… weather its 16 or 29 yrs the heart breaks the same. Sometimes it was hour by hour that Jesus stopped and lifted me up again. Satan laughed and thought he had won. But it actually turned out to be the best work the Lord had ever done in my heart and my kids literally saw a life changing transformation in me all because of Him….yes everything burns away except us and Him… blessings and healing to you. There will come joy in the morning.

  4. Ken

    My wife left after 11 years of marriage, but God has done some amazing things in my life since then. Our God is the best!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow that is so heartbreaking to hear BOTH of your stories. Yet also incredibly encouraging. Thank you for sharing that. I know the Lord is able to work all things together for good…walking through the valley the waiting is so hard but as you mentioned hour by hour the sweet presence of Jesus is there. Thank you two for your uplifting message of hope!

  6. Ken

    Hi Anonymous,

    I fear for my ex’s soul as well. She claims to be a Christian yet had an affair and went on to marry her affair partner and completely disregard the feelings of our three little children. All I can do is pray for her and forgive her and show good will toward her hoping she would turn away from sin and repent. I just read a book called I Do Again by Cheryl Scruggs and now reading this book called Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. I highly recommend everyone to read these two books regardless it is before marriage, in a marriage or after divorce.

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