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December 7, 2021 12:32 PM
Elizabeth Marie

The LORD continues to give me dreams concerning the state of the church. In just the last few months, I have received 8 dreams addressing today’s church, and what it will look like in the future. While I was preparing, and praying over how to share all these dreams, I started to hear words from the HOLY SPIRIT concerning the churches today:

I heard:

  • Cesspools of confusion

  • Many counterfeits and wolves in sheep’s clothing

  • Truth sprinkled with lies

  • Distortion

  • Not preparing the people for the upcoming days

  • Bowing to Egypt (the world and its government)

  • Pharisees

  • Followers of the system

  • Corruption

  • Speaking lies

  • Flattery

  • Leads MY people astray

  • Scatters the flock

  • Allowed yeast (sin) to creep in

  • Allowed unclean spirits to be in leadership

  • Stains on their garments


Many of the LORD’s people are now church-less because they have been shown the truth about today’s modern churches…. and they have COME OUT OF BABYLONIAN CHURCHES!

I have heard story after story about how people have gone to their church leadership, and have addressed their concerns, only not to be heard or received. So many of the REMNANT BRIDE are now alone, and not in any kind of fellowship or worship.

What the LORD has shown me is that HIS people are to be patient, and WAIT UPON THE LORD, for HE will direct you in HIS timing. HE is ‘over-hauling’ the churches, and soon there will be a new KIND of church emerging out of the ashes! These will be home-fellowships that will resemble the early church from the Book of Acts. Some of these churches already exist, and will only spread……. not only with the FUEL of the HOLY SPIRIT, but with the FUEL of PERSECUTION. With persecution, there will come POWER from on HIGH, MIRACLES, HEALINGS, SIGNS and WONDERS!

SO, dear Brothers and Sisters, continue to pray, seek the LORD and WAIT on HIM to provide!!


Since it would be very difficult to explain all of the 8 dreams I’ve had recently, I will instead give a summary interpretation of each one:

1) The present church is being drastically changed right now……but NOT in a good way. Things that once were, are now different….. as they change the structure of things to go along with the world and its ways.

They will not accept anything outside of their own man-made narratives, and their own world views……this include rejecting the true workings of the HOLY SPIRIT and HIS gifts, including prophecy.

I was shown that a wave of destruction will come upon them.

2) While the church was sleeping….. “intruders” came in and they have not left. First, the spirits of Jezebel and witchcraft were let in. More recently, a stronger control and partnership with the government.

3) There has been an attack on the TRUE BRIDE of CHRIST, who is already awake, and has already left the Babylonian church. This attack is from the enemy of our souls, who is trying to keep us ‘sleepy,’ and ‘lazy,’ so we do not do the work of the LORD.

This ‘attack’ could include not feeling like praying, worshiping or reading the WORD of GOD. If you are experiencing this, then first REPENT, and then ask the HOLY SPIRIT to help you ‘COME BACK TO YOUR FIRST LOVE.’ (Revelation 2:4-5) Have FAITH, and you will be RESTORED!

4) The present day churches are so full of DISTRACTIONS, that the people cannot HEAR the TRUE VOICE of the LORD, or get real teachings from the HOLY SPIRIT. Again, in this dream, I heard that the REAL prophetic gifts are not being accepted, especially the TRUE prophets.

5) The LORD showed me HIS GLORY in this dream. I was shown a big, beautiful, “architecturally profound” church building. These structures that are man-made do not represent the TRUE GLORY OF GOD. I was then shown that GOD’s GLORY is not in these buildings. I was shown GOD’s CREATION vs. MAN’s CREATION….and there was NO comparison! HE wants us to WORSHIP HIM in SPIRIT & TRUTH!

“But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him,” John 4:23

6) I was shown a true ‘under-ground’ church for the REMNANT. Not only are these house churches, but they were in hiding. These fellowships will be were people will gather….not only for worship, but for their everyday needs.

7) I was shown that these new type of churches will have many different functions. They will not even resemble closely today’s churches. I then heard:


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