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The Fallout and Dragon’s Arrival – Our King Returns

The Fallout and Dragon’s Arrival

January 1, 2021 1:21 PM
Our King Returns

Dream 01/01/2021

I had a dream last night of multiple airstrikes hitting America in 2021(was not given a month), I saw missiles painted red, white, and blue and a 3 headed white dragon appeared outside towering over all the buildings.

Then I hear a voice speak to me saying, 500,000 will die imminently, warn themI see missiles hitting a few major cities, Austin Texas was one of them and most of the Gulf region.

I then feel my house shake and the windows shatter and radioactive fallout can be seen in the distance falling down. My family and I begin to run high up into the mountains to hide from the dragon and fallout.

May God bless you all during this year and lead you all to safety in his arms.

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