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April 7, 2022 10:26 AM
Victoria Ang


First I want to say that I never read others posts unless directed and guided by the Lord. That being said..

The Lord woke me up last night to pray.I spent about an hour and a half in prayer. After praying I got slain in the Spirit….. and I had a vision afterwards,of the pillars of the White House .I saw the number eleven (11)in this vision … and saw the number 1 go to one side of the pillar and the other number 1 go to the other side of the pillar and they merged with the pillars of the White House. I saw the pillars begin to crack and then more cracks started to spread. And crumble.And I saw them split and the roof started to give way and fall…… I saw the flag of the USA on a flag pole. It was over the White House. I saw it start to slip and fall down the flag pole.Then I heard the Lord say….. THE FALL SHALL BEGIN…… (then I heard the name Timothy Dixon ) so I knew the Lord was wanting me to check his name on utube….. I looked up his name and RIGHT away I saw this video! ( Please understand that the fall can BEGIN WITHIN the White House.
Let’s watch for the 11th.

Please check out his video!

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