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The fall of our nation – 1 Saved Sheep

The fall of our nation

July 2, 2020 11:55:21 AM
1 Saved Sheep

July 1, 2020

I received a very disturbing message yesterday from the Lord regarding our nation. No dates, just a message. I have never received anything like this from Him before and I was literally weeping all day unsure of what to do with it. I have no family near me and no circle of Christian friends. Those I attend church with are more like “associates” as in, the sermon is over, see you next week. For the few I “know” in Christ, at this point, we are well past the point in prayer over our nation, more in prayer for ourselves and those we love as well as knowledge of what is to come. As in all things, test the spirits, but for the few believers I know in this life, we need to know that there is no turning back in the U.S. and His judgement is ruthless as we have pushed Him out of everything.

This is what the Holy Spirit told me deep in prayer yesterday:

“The time has come. This nation shall fall. The eagle is no longer your freedom for you have sold your soul to the darkness of this world. For the few among you who have humbled yourselves in prayer, I have heard you and will save you from my wrath to come but WOE to you for the dragon and the bear shall remove the head of the eagle and the eagle shall lie desolate. For I have warned her and warned her, but she rejected me. She killed my children in the name of rights and with her blasphemy she defiled the apple of my eye. When I show you I AM GOD, your cries will not be heard! For I know the hearts of man!

While your nation wails, HEAR THESE WORDS! You have forsaken your first love. WOE to you for the eagle has fallen! You will be remembered in shame! There will be blood in the streets that even filthy rags won’t touch because they are too good for you! For the blood of the innocent, for the blood of my children, I will NOT shed my grace on thee! The eagle has fallen.For those who will cry out in righteousness, I will hear you. I will take you back under my wings. But it will not save your land. I have told you for thousands of years what is to come and yet you would not repent. My elect tried to warn you. My chosen tried to warn you. You defiled yourselves and mocked me or claimed I never existed. You turned my laws and my covenants into satanic rituals. You spit in my face. WOE to you as the eagle will no longer fly. Its headless corpse shall lie in the streets with the blood of its own. I will send out my army to those that survive my wrath, only from my mercy. I am a righteous God. I am a just God. You will cry for more time but it is too late. You shamed my houses of worship. You made deals with the enemy in your churches. I have seen all. I am God, your creator. I have given life and I will take it away. My chosen army may be small but they are mighty. In the vile dismemberment of this nation, in their relationship with me, they stood fast and you could not lure them in with your false promises. They saw your wicked ways and clung to me. I see all. I know all. I know the hearts of all men. You will look to them to save you as you see my wrath pouring out upon you, because you will know that I have sent them. But they will not hear you. I will deafen their ears to your cries because you do not seek me. You only fear death. Arise my army! Arise! I send you out as sheep among wolves. Be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves. You are my chosen and I am your God, but VENGEANCE IS MINE! “

Incredibly heavy, I know. And like I said, I have very very few believers in my life. We just need to be in total prayer right now like never before.

1 Saved Sheep


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