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The Fall Of America And The Return Of The Giants

April 20, 2020 7:17 PM

As I was reviewing this message from the Lord, when I got to the part of the message about the return of the Giants, in my spirit I heard ‘cosmic battle’. I was prompted to go back to a video I had seen by prophecy teacher Chuck Missler titled ‘As in the Days of Noah’. In this video Chuck Missler points out Jesus’ stern warning to his disciples who had asked of the time of His return at His second coming. Jesus told them… “Take heed that no man deceive you”. (Matt 24:4). Church Missler continues…

"Deception is going to be the characteristic of that age (the time we are in). There is a cosmic deception descending not just on the planet earth but particularly on the body of Christ... and most Christians are not prepared for what's coming."

This message was given 4.16.20.

Daughter hurry! Tell My people to hurry! Time is of the essence! If only they knew what is coming they would be preparing for the worst. Famine is coming – the economic collapse of your nation America.

The evil one will rise up soon to take his place as leader of your country America. He has been waiting patiently in the wings biding his time. (I heard the letter ‘O’ in my spirit). He will offer a peace plan, he will offer hope – but in truth he comes to steal, kill and destroy like his father the devil. They are one and the same pure, unadulterated personification of evil. Your nation will undergo a transformation then. Your civil liberties, your freedoms, your Constitution as you know it – will be removed. Little by little, starting with this coronavirus quarantine – they have chipped away, stripping you of your religious and civil liberties. There will come a day when you will be treated like slaves, like sheep being led to the slaughter – as I once was. BUT FEAR NOT MY CHILDREN – FOR I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS! I AM WITH YOU THROUGH THE RAGING STORMS, THROUGH YOUR DAILY BATTLES! WHEN YOU FEEL AS IF ALL IS LOST – TURN TO ME! I WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE MY OWN! I promised to be with you always even to the point of death – yes children for many to the point of death. Keep your focus on Me! Keep your eyes on Me always for you will be shaken by the things that are coming to this earth.

The Giants of old will return as will the plagues and pestilences that My people of old endured. I have told you there is nothing new under the sun. Everything that was will be. I have said so many times. Heed My words – they are life to the hopeless and despairing. THESE GIANTS OF OLD WILL RETURN ONCE AGAIN. They are a hybrid, the Nephilim – born of the fallen ones. They will strike terror into the hearts of many and many will flee to escape their evil ways. They are like the walking dead as you call them. Their DNA is a mixture of human flesh and fallen angel. They are a tainted race and one of the main reasons I allowed the earth to be flooded during the time of My servant Noah.

Children, do you not see evil in the hearts of man who has become corrupted by the evil one? So few understand My ways but I AM Holy. I WAS before time began. I WAS before the creation of the world and the earth and all the things therein. Before all I WAS. Come My children gather yourselves to Me. I will hold you in the shelter of My arms and keep you safe during the coming storms. I speak of the economy, the coming famine, the coming devastation and loss of life. For evil is upon you and tribulation lurks around the corner. All that has been ordained since the beginning of time WILL come to pass.

My bride is being transformed. Many of you are seeing and feeling an increase in your supernatural state. A knowing, a greater understanding, a quickening of My spirit within your spirit if you will. You My bride are being transformed in front of your eyes. You are witnessing the power of my Ruach HaKodesh – who lives inside each one of you.

I go now My children to prepare for the Great Harvest. I call upon my Army of soldiers to rise up for your redemption draws nigh and the hour of your salvation draws near! I come soon My children! Look for Me upon the clouds! I come soon for My own! I seek the lost sheep and I WILL RETURN as Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

Your faithful servant and King Yeshua

Jesus the Christ


Amen Amen let it be so!


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