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The Fall of a Nation! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

The Fall of a Nation! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“America don’t be surprised when you lose your Crown of Royalty! Forged in the blood of the saints and the blood of the poor, you wore it with pride! You and I are the only ones who know the depth of your sins. The stench of your iniquity reminds Me of who you really are! The fires of the west and the storms of the east are leading Me to the middle of your nation. A divided land for a divided people! You made Me into the image of a man! You think I am like your president, that I conform to his image! I tell you this day, like Dagon, (1 Samuel 5:1-5) he will not stand. I use who I will use but I will not allow My Name to be polluted forever! (here is the link I discussed during the message at Ignited) Search your history and see where the “Great” are, who defied Me after their use. Where are they? Can they speak now? Where do they stand? I tell you this day, worms have consumed their flesh and their souls “rest” where they be! For I AM the Great I AM and I will not be mocked nor will I be fooled! A house divided cannot stand and neither shall a nation that is divided! America your fall is here, the acceleration has begun, get ready for history to repeat itself!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 21)

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