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September 29, 2020 3:56 PM
Watchman Marah

Brothers & Sisters;

09/29/2020 though this dream was given years ago. I have rewritten this dream to the best of my recollection, because I feel it is important for some out there today, especially because we are in the last days. We have just come out of Yom Kippurim. A solemn time of self reflection. Something we need right now. Because the separation of the goats and sheep is at hand.

Dream: * THE ENIGMA *

In my dream, I was in My Fathers House, looking through His galleries. And I saw a room with my families name on it. I saw paintings or portraits of family members who have died way before my birth in 1948. These were not necessarily portraits of their persons but of their lives. We all have books showing our assignments to accomplish in our life time. For some it is very brief, for others is seems like a novel.

As I went from one picture to another, I came to my portrait. But there was a space but no portrait.
Then I found myself outside observing things that were set out. There was a puzzle which I could not finish, there was no picture to go by and I couldn’t figure it out.

I came to a box that looked like a gift. I opened it to find box inside it, and I kept opening the boxes only to find another box.

Then I came to a crystalline sculpture that was beautiful. But I dropped it and it shattered into millions of shards. I picked them all up and put them in a box realizing I had still another puzzle to solve that was even more difficult to figure out.

Then I turned to find myself at the entrance of an huge maze. I knew somehow, if I went in I may never come out. But in I went. It was over whelming, full of dead ends, and yet it was purposely guiding us on.
I suddenly found myself going through a tunnel of mirrors. They were all around me, even over my head and under my feet. It was a tunnel of SELF EXAMINATION. Revealing undeniable truth. I saw myself from within, I saw myself from various angles, and emotionally, my very thoughts were revealed.
And as I emerged from the other-side I was
soaked as if I went through a pool of water.
I proceeded down the maze, the walls were so high I had no idea of where I was in this maze. As I continued my journey, I was plunged into absolute darkness. I began to panic! But yet I felt as though someone I trusted was with me, and I calmly started feeling for the wall. I spread my arms and fingers to touch the wall. I felt it. It was like stone and I felt in the wall grooves and with my fingers I tried to examine and figure out what they were. They were letters. I went from one letter to another attempting to assemble a word. Each section of walls had another word and I put each word in my mind and continued down the tunnel of darkness. But I found as I put together each word, it got a little lighter. Until I could actually read the writing on the wall. And I emerged from the tunnel and continued down a dirt path. On both sides were forest and possible dangers so I stayed on the path. And I came to a crossing of another path. I looked down the path and it seemed so much better than the one I was on. So I asked the presence who calmed me in the tunnel of darkness which way I should go. And He said go straight. I looked and indeed there was a path there but it certainly did not look inviting. It was grown over and I saw thorns. But I proceeded forward. It was bad. My legs stung from scratches of thorns. Branches scrapped me also and I was hot and thirsty. Still I kept going, until I came to another crossroad. I asked again which way?

He said keep going straight. I looked at the path which looked worse than the one I was on. I looked down the other paths and saw how nice they were, they were wider and paved. Why there was even a bench there. I asked again, but there was no answer.
So I continued to move forward. I was not disappointed. It was just as bad if not worse than the old path. It was muddy, and rocky, and not easy walking at all. But as I went along the trail it started ascending. I was getting out of breathe but I sat under a tree a while in deep thought. Was I ever going to get out of this maze?
I stood up and started going ever higher.

There were large rocks as if it were some sort of mountain, and finally I reached the top. There I found a garden overlooking this gigantic maze.
As I went into the garden, there was a man ahead of me sitting on a huge boulder. He was beaming with delight in my arrival. I recognized Him somehow. I knew it was Him that was guiding me all the way. He came and embraced me. I felt such overwhelming love from Him and comfort. He was so happy I made it. I walked over to the edge and looked down at others in the maze. There were so many.. I asked my Lord, “Will they get here too?”

His face changed for a minute, and He sighed heavily and said, “Most will not make it”. He looking so sad, but then turned to me with a smile, and stated, ” But you made it!”.

Our Lord is so good!

I then started to ask Him questions about my experience. And He smiled and said, “Yes
I know…. You were wondering about the portraits in the gallery and the items on the table.

Your portrait was not finished, because you have not finished your work here. When you leave this life, the Father will finish your portrait. The puzzle likewise cannot be finished for the same reason, mankind has not finished their days, their trials, their tests, there are pieces that are missing.

The crystal sculpture is of your spiritual self. And the boxes are spiritual gifts that you receive on your journey.”

End of Dream…..

There are many things in this dream for you to solve yourself. To ponder.

If you have questions please write to me at RUdauntless@yahoo.com

This dream was not just for me…. But for all.
But when I had this dream, I know that my decisions on traveling this maze was real for me. The experiences were real for me. Like a Personal test for me. I hope you all can find value in this journey.

Love and blessings family,
Watchman Marah

Ps. I reflected on the crystal structure and the shattering of it. My “spirit man” is what is saved. My body has not yet been changed and saved. Hence we can get sick, sin, and die! But we have the good hope of a glorified body. One with out spot or blemish. I realized how we should protect our spirit man. By keeping away sin in our lives. If we back slide, our spirit man does as well. I believe the scripture that says, we are seated with Him in heavenly places, reveals where our spirit man is. That is why it is so important to walk in the spirit as opposed to the flesh.

1 Cor 13:12. 1 Cor 12:4-11 ; Heb 12:13 ; Ps 23:3 ; Mat 7:13. Dan 5:13


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