The enemy is trying to instill fear – Victoria Ang


The enemy is trying to instill fear

November 1, 2020
Victoria Ang

Last night I received TWO different dreams and a vision ,early this morning. I am going to share them in order for you to see how both the enemy works. And then how GOD works to protect us. My calling is as a prophet and Spiritual sniper. ALL GLORY AND HONOR IS ONLY GODS. I share this for many ,to understand things better.Because PART of a calling of a spiritual sniper is for the Lord to show me the tactics of the enemy to tear down or harm his children and what is needed on their behalf to help falling into traps set by the enemy.That being said the Lord is warning HIS children that the enemy is increasing his tactics to TRY and cause fear through dreams. DISCERNMENT is MUCH needed to determine if a dream is from God ,or the enemy to instill fear.


In the dream I found myself working in a hospital helping many ( truth like the enemy does.. mixes truth with lies). All of a sudden in the dream ,I started to cough and felt sick.And felt like I could no longer help others and needed to go lay down to rest. And stop tending the patients in the hospital. …. The dream ended but I woke up coughing uncontrollably for a brief time……..


The enemy is trying to instill fear to TRY and get one to stop doing Gods work .

I started to pray and fell back to sleep and was given a dream by the Lord.


In this dream I saw the hand of God reach down from heaven. He handed me a photo of myself. I was dressed in a towel. And there was a DARK entity TRYING to pull off my towel.
The scene changed and I saw a pic of a house that I was made known was mine. There were HUGE CEMENT barricade blocks that had completely surrounded my house. …. the dream ended


The LORD is giving me an IMAGE that the enemy is TRYING to REMOVE His children from Gods protection and EXPOSE his ( satans ) lies .
The house means the Lord has those that truly seek HIM protected from harm.

Upon awaking I was given a vision. In the vision I saw a root from a large tree that came up from the ground then went back under. It was buried deep on both sides but formed a small loop on top.That was raised off the ground. Next I see my foot touching the loop. ( Like if you didn’t see the loop ,you could trip over the root and fall)

Again this is Gods warning NOT to get CAUGHT UP in the snares the enemy has set. To cause one to STUMBLE AND FALL! …….

May our PRECIOUS LORD and SAVIOR keep directing and guiding your steps to keep all safe from harm! Amen


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