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THE END of things here ON EARTH – Victoria Ang

THE END of things here ON EARTH

November 8, 2020
Victoria Ang


Last night I was woken several times from sleep hearing “ ITS PAYBACK TIME” ITS PAYBACK TIME”! PAYBACK IS COMING “!

I prayed like usual and fell back to sleep and was woken awhile later to a flash vision ! While it may appear simple it is a very PROFOUND vision !
In the vision I saw a dogs hind end. It was cut off and laying on the ground . I stood looking at it in the vision and the vision ended.


THE END of things here ON EARTH will soon be CUT OFF ! It is RIGHT IN FRONT of you ( meaning that close! )……. This has a dual meaning ! Some will be leaving and some staying ! Those staying will be seeing much . Much devastation !

Here is a dream from EXACTLY one year ago to match that JUST came on my time line !!

By Victoria Ang

Encouraging prophetic dream:

Very early this morning I was woken as usual to pray. But after praying for a short while I fell back to sleep and was given a dream::

In the dream I found myself standing in the back of a car putting some things in the trunk I was made known they were items I had been using to share the word of God and I had just completed my days work in doing that very thing. The car was sitting off the side of a road. There were 3-4 ( means God, completion )other unknown people there as well ,that were also returning from their areas in which they had been working . Also there was an unknown man ( God) that was standing by the drivers seat!
One of the women came up to me and said” “You look absolutely so tired and exhausted”!

I put my hand up by my eyes to try and cover the tears of exhaustion .So she could not see them flow! I started to walk towards the back seat to get into the car as the other people also got in the car. ( I was made known I had somewhere else to go )Before getting into the car I started to wave good bye to the people on the road passing me by. The unknown man ( God) got into the drivers seat, as we where all now safely in the car. And he started to drive off! The dream ended


The Lord knows how exhausted and tired some of us are in working for his Kingdom.Soon we will be leaving this world( saying good bye ) and the transformation for some will be completed getting our glorified bodies .So that under his guidance and direction we will start our NEW jobs to help bring in the final harvest ! ………..

I wanted to share that every last detail the Lord gives is very meaningful and symbolic! It is amazing how detailed and precise he is when one is paying attention to the details ! ONLY GOD !!! All glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ !

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