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the end of the age and the coming judgement – Barbara Francis


the end of the age and the coming judgement

March 11, 2022
Barbara Francis


Daughter speak of the end of the age and the coming judgement . The books will be opened and each one of you will stand before the Creator. Every hidden thing every detail of your life will be reviewed . Every idle word and deed both good and bad will be brought into the Light and examined. I see deep into mens hearts . Speak to the unrepentant and evil doers . Speak to the mockers and scoffers. Speak to the unbelievers . Speak to the murderers. I know you and your thoughts, you can not hide from me . I AM everywhere. I AM all knowing . I AM the beginning and the end . Now the end is before you . If you did not choose to know me in your earthly time, you will have all eternity to consider your life as a man on earth. Eternity. I have called the humble and meek , I have chosen the simple and contrite to speak in mans words for your own understaning as my ways are higher. Soon all voices will be silent . I AM going to punish the wicked evil doers . I AM going to bring the proud low. Before I pour out my cup of wrath I AM going to call my chosen to me. Mans atrocities have spiraled out of control. I cant bear to look at the evil. I must cleanse the earth and rid it of evil again .

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