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The end of all things is nigh – Krystal Beall

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The end of all things is nigh

October 30, 2020
Krystal Beall

The end of all things is nigh. Lo, has come. What happens when man no longer seeks my face? No longer looks to me? What has become of man when he no longer recognizes me? Sin is so rampant in America and is lived out as though it is a normal and acceptable way of life. Normal to whom?

I AM HOLY. Be ye Holy. Without Holiness no man shall see me. I AM so deeply grieved that I have been rejected a second time. I AM so grieved that America did not receive me. I AM so grieved that sin is so rampant in all the earth. Fallen. Defiled. Man does not see as I see. Does not think as I think. Blind. Deaf. Fallen.

When I look upon the earth in this hour I see sin upon sin. Blood touching blood. I see all these things that are an abomination before me. I see defilement. I see my creation in ruin. I see man far from me and walking blind and deaf..I see many fallen in an open pit. I see division. War and strife. I see families broken. Torn and at war. I see divorce. Remarriage. I see fornication as a way of life for many. I see trust in man. Glorification of politics. I see pride. I see lovers of self. I see men who lift themselves and others up in seats of self and sheep whom are led blinded to the slaughter. I see violence. I see devastation. I see very few waking in spirit and in truth.


A man, A nation reaps what it sows. America will be destroyed in full by my hand. Destruction. The destruction is an act of my mercy. Do you know, Can you fathom my deep sorrow and indignation for the rejection I have received. America had robbed me. I have wept most bitterly over this nation. America will weep with deep sorrow when I reveal my truth to all men. When you behold that, all that has been behind the veil. Lovers of self. Lovers of pleasure. Evictors of GOD. Deceived in believing, thinking that I have blessed America. Refusing to harken, come to truth, and live. America looks nothing like me. Fallen. Fallen. Fallen.

Where is the weeping and cries for forgiveness that I have been rejected and robbed in this nation? America has trampled me. If ye but knew, knew how disgracefully treated I have been on the soil of America. If ye but knew and understood the latter written revelation of it all. How you will weep and wail. I have turned from America. I have turned my face from these people.

Your nation where I was rejected and robbed will burn. Fire. Fire. Fire. I have warned and warned. Trust in man has wrought death. Blind. Blind. Blind. Deceived nation. Sin is as a poison. Destructive. Deadly. I have said …REPENT. RETURN TO ME. Deaf ears. America is foul. Corruption residing in hearts of man. AMERICA LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME. You are so DECEIVED. I say it again. DECEIVED. What do these kingdoms of men have to do with me?

Why do you uplift and promote so ardently man. Man uplifting man. I see the heart of America and it has broken and PIERCED mine. Ye know not what you have done. I AM just. It pains me to my core to look America. Pain. I feel pain and deep anger when I look upon America. You my final generation are so fallen. So lost. I weep when you recognize me not in your midst. I stand before thee and speak. America has beheld me and received me not. I pass through and stand unrecognized, dismissed. Cast out.

Fire. Fire. Fire is coming. Many desire to prepare, stock. Trust in me. Devastation. Can one ever prepare fully for devastation? In a moment it all changes. You took what was not yours. America I AM DISGUSTED WITH YOU. I AM SO ANGRY AT THE WAY YOU TREAT ME. I weep. I have warned numerous times. WAR. Ye can not pray it be not so. You can not pray that I BLESS ANY NATION THAT HAS REJECTED AND ROBBED ME. I HEAR NOT THOSE PRAYERS.

Pray for mercy. Mercy that was denied me. Pray for the lost. Those whom despise me. I will hear and answer those prayers. Hearts as stone. I too desire to dwell in my garden with man. I AM refining. THE HOUR OF FIRE. A Holy people unto myself. Holy ground. Purity. Wake up. Harken. The darkenss is thick. Fire.

Woe America. How you have PIERCED my heart. I will no man to PERISH. I have made all things new. I desire man to see me as I truly am. Desires of your hearts. Righteous. Justice. Behold I come quickly. I know many are hurting and weary. Never will I leave or forsake you. I have done for thee all I have spoken and so much more. You are a very wicked and evil generation, whom causes me much Sorrow. I shall burn thee to dust. Ash. I shall look upon all these abominations no more shall I behold them. It is finished. As one who mourns for an only son. America has grieved me with this suffering. Wrong den you have entered America. Ye shall not escape the paw.


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