The End Of All Things Is At Hand – Sue Piccini

The End Of All Things Is At Hand

July 7, 2019
Sue Piccini


I Peter 4:7a
“ But the end of all things is at hand.”

“ I have been showing My Watcher’s the things that must take place to prepare the way for My Sons Return. You are entering the season of many National disasters and there will be War. This war is in the minds of many and there will be much destruction coming upon the Earth. Get ready to see the enemy destroy Babylon, for this Nation has become so evil and wicked, that they must pay for their sins. They refuse to hear My Voice and they still do not receive My many warnings to them. The mocking of Me must come to an end. I am grieved and saddened by all of the disbelief and hardened hearts of those I have created. Therefore. I will put an end to them all.”

“My Bride, My Children, you must get ready to meet Me as I come to claim you and bring you Home. Your cries for My return have not fallen on deaf ears. Know that the time for you is very near, for I will not leave you upon the earth to face My Wrath. The Judgments are coming to a close swiftly, so get ready to meet Me very soon. Repent and seek Me daily and Know that I Am will rescue you.”

“My Children know My Voice and hear Me calling to them. The Seals are open and all will be fulfilled very soon. There are five seals and then there are six. Search My Word Children and you will certainly know the season you are in right now.”

Yeshua Comes!!!

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