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The End is Here – Cryptic1

The End is Here

August 24, 2020 8:48 PM

I received the following message on 8.8.20.

Daughter the end is here. This is the beginning of dire things to come upon the earth. Devastation and destruction on a massive scale. It will boggle the mind. Many will be undone at the sights and sounds they will be witnessing. Tsunamis, hurricanes – the global destruction of your planet will all take place in the not-too-distant future. Time is fleeting and has become your enemy. I have said to use the little time you have left WISELY. I say it again. Time is precious and each minute and hour of the day cannot be restored. It is gone forever.

Many will grieve the loss of life as they knew it – for it will not return and be but a distant memory. You must hold on to Me in those days as if your life depended upon it. I am your only sure hope, your anchor, your rock of safety. It will seem as if you are drowning in a sea of hopelessness and despair. But fear not for I AM with you and My chosen ones who abide in Me! The evil one is out and about wreaking havoc and instilling fear, pounding his message home. Only those who know Me will survive the onslaught.

Safe havens are being restored and transformed into places of safety for My children. Not all will abide there – only those I have chosen. Some will minister to those around them. Many will fall by the wayside for they have not kept their eyes on Me throughout the time of tribulation that is to come. Prepare I say! Prepare your hearts first and foremost and then in every other way imaginable. Perishable goods, food. Pray over your abodes, your family, your possessions – for something is coming to remove these from you. Only My precious blood spoken over your possessions will save you and My Word in your heart. Guard your heart for the days are evil surely.

I come soon children upon the clouds of glory

Then shall you reign with me forever in My Kingdom to come


Recently the Holy Spirit revealed certain numbers to me. (I receive numbers and words). I have noted them below.

8.8.20 – I started seeing the number 911. This is not a number I ordinarily see. I usually will come across 333 / 444 / 555/ 666 / 888.
8.9.20 – 911 on the time

8.11.20 – I saw 911 on a car license plate. Anytime I see a number on a car license plate I consider it a strong warning.

8.14.20 – I saw 911 on a fire engine – another strong warning / 111 on the license plate of a car (111 signifying judgment) / 911 on the time

8.19.20 – 111 on the time

8.21.20 – 111 on a car license plate / 911 on the time

8.22.20 – 911 on the time 2x

8.23.20 – 911 on a car license plate / 111 on the time

8.24.20 – 911 on the car dashboard clock in my car / 111 on a car license plate

At work today I came across a paperwork on my desk with a future date I needed to work on. The date? 9/11. I believe things are ramping up as the prophets have been foretelling. Something is coming to this earth and soon. Based on the numbers – we are talking judgments of a very serious nature.

I asked the Holy Spirit what this all meant. In my spirit I heard “Get Ready”.

Yes we all know the hour of judgments is upon us. In my heart I wish we could go back in time, but all I can is cry out to the Lord for mercy – for me, for my family and friends and for the many who are on their way to eternal damnation.



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