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The End is Here

August 24, 2020 8:48 PM

I received the following message on 8.8.20.

Daughter the end is here. This is the beginning of dire things to come upon the earth. Devastation and destruction on a massive scale. It will boggle the mind. Many will be undone at the sights and sounds they will be witnessing. Tsunamis, hurricanes – the global destruction of your planet will all take place in the not-too-distant future. Time is fleeting and has become your enemy. I have said to use the little time you have left WISELY. I say it again. Time is precious and each minute and hour of the day cannot be restored. It is gone forever.

Many will grieve the loss of life as they knew it – for it will not return and be but a distant memory. You must hold on to Me in those days as if your life depended upon it. I am your only sure hope, your anchor, your rock of safety. It will seem as if you are drowning in a sea of hopelessness and despair. But fear not for I AM with you and My chosen ones who abide in Me! The evil one is out and about wreaking havoc and instilling fear, pounding his message home. Only those who know Me will survive the onslaught.

Safe havens are being restored and transformed into places of safety for My children. Not all will abide there – only those I have chosen. Some will minister to those around them. Many will fall by the wayside for they have not kept their eyes on Me throughout the time of tribulation that is to come. Prepare I say! Prepare your hearts first and foremost and then in every other way imaginable. Perishable goods, food. Pray over your abodes, your family, your possessions – for something is coming to remove these from you. Only My precious blood spoken over your possessions will save you and My Word in your heart. Guard your heart for the days are evil surely.

I come soon children upon the clouds of glory

Then shall you reign with me forever in My Kingdom to come


Recently the Holy Spirit revealed certain numbers to me. (I receive numbers and words). I have noted them below.

8.8.20 – I started seeing the number 911. This is not a number I ordinarily see. I usually will come across 333 / 444 / 555/ 666 / 888.
8.9.20 – 911 on the time

8.11.20 – I saw 911 on a car license plate. Anytime I see a number on a car license plate I consider it a strong warning.

8.14.20 – I saw 911 on a fire engine – another strong warning / 111 on the license plate of a car (111 signifying judgment) / 911 on the time

8.19.20 – 111 on the time

8.21.20 – 111 on a car license plate / 911 on the time

8.22.20 – 911 on the time 2x

8.23.20 – 911 on a car license plate / 111 on the time

8.24.20 – 911 on the car dashboard clock in my car / 111 on a car license plate

At work today I came across a paperwork on my desk with a future date I needed to work on. The date? 9/11. I believe things are ramping up as the prophets have been foretelling. Something is coming to this earth and soon. Based on the numbers – we are talking judgments of a very serious nature.

I asked the Holy Spirit what this all meant. In my spirit I heard “Get Ready”.

Yes we all know the hour of judgments is upon us. In my heart I wish we could go back in time, but all I can is cry out to the Lord for mercy – for me, for my family and friends and for the many who are on their way to eternal damnation.



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  1. ivan dimitrov

    8.8.20 – I started seeing the number 911. This is not a number I ordinarily see. I usually will come across 333 / 444 / 555/ 666 / 888.
    8.9.20 – 911 on the time..//YOU ARE IN ILL UMINATY INFLUENCE//sorry to say to you and Others like you=you use a NUMEROLOGY AND MANY OWN SUGGESTIONS=


  3. Fred

    Do you mean non-perishable foods?

    “Prepare your hearts first and foremost and then in every other way imaginable. Perishable goods, food. “

  4. Pr. Aaron

    I agree when you say: “.The evil one is out and about wreaking havoc and instilling fear, pounding his message home”

    His messages are just like that, especially those about the Vaccine being the mark of the Beast.
    Now explain this sentence better: “Safe havens are being restored and transformed into places of safety for My children.”

    What kind of refuge? Who’s doing it? Where will they be? And why for some only and others not?
    Excuse me, but those words are too strange to leave the mouth of God!

    Be careful, prophets who prophesy of themselves to obtain honor from men !!

    Jeremiah 23:16 Thus says the LORD of hosts: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets, who preach to you, filling you with delusions; they speak of a vision that rises from their own hearts and do not say a word that comes from the mouth of Yahweh.

  5. Joe D

    Pr Aaron, Cryptic1 I have been reading her posts since long and they are ok, no dogmatic error.

    Regarding safe havens they are under preparation since long and long back I was in touch with one Joyce who left her job etc on the call of Our Heavenly Father to form a medium to large sized Safe Haven in a rural area.

    Yes, we have to prepare and last call for stocking three months essentials has been given.

  6. Armando felix

    Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
    1 Strong’s Number: g911 Greek: bapto
    Dip, Dipped, Dippeth:

    “to immerse, dip” (derived from a root signifying “deep”), also signified “to dye,” which is suggested in Rev 19:13, of the Lord’s garment “dipped (i.e., dyed) in blood” (RV, “sprinkled” translates the verb rhantizo: see SPRINKLED. It is elsewhere translated “to dip,” Luk 16:24; Jhn 13:26. Cp. the longer form baptizo (primarily a frequentative form).
    See BAPTIZE.

    2 Strong’s Number: g1686 Greek: embapto
    Dip, Dipped, Dippeth:

    en, “in,” and No. 1, “to dip into,” is used of the act of Judas in “dipping” his hand with that of Christ in the dish, Mat 26:23; Mar 14:20.

    Brothers and Sisters please dig and dip and immerse yourselves in the blood of Jesus our Lord.

  7. Cryptic1

    In this message I was given a word ‘perishable goods, food’ (two different things). I researched the word ‘perishable goods’ and came across ‘nondurable goods’ in Wikipedia. (Nondurable goods – goods that are immediately consumed in one use or ones that have a lifespan of less than three years).

    Examples of these are: cosmetics, cleaning products, food, condiments, fuel, medication, office supplies, packaging and containers, paper and paper products, personal products, clothing and footwear. (Vitamins are also considered perishable goods)

    The Holy Spirit did not say perishable food but perishable goods,foods. I believe he was alluding to these types of goods as most people are so concerned with non-perishable foods that they may have overlooked these other important necessities of life.

    As for safe havens, there are several sites where you can obtain more information. Please note from my understanding that you must be led by the Holy Spirit to be called to a safe haven. Latterrain333 is one site and Lois Vogel Sharp through her King of Glory Ministries is another.

  8. Pr. Aaron

    Brother Joe D

    Refuge for whom and for how many? (There are millions of Christians in the world)
    Is it the Christian’s hope to survive the Tribulation that will come over the whole world in refuges made by human hands? For three and a half years of the tribulation (half of Daniel’s week) the Church will still be here, as it will only be snatched at the sound of the last trumpet (1st Co 15:51) (Rev 10: 7 and 11:15)
    Are we going to live in refuges at that time?

    Is our hope in this world? Are we going to protect ourselves from catastrophic events and also from persecution in refuges awaiting the rapture?

    In this time of trial, if I am soon taken, sooner I will find my King and enter my Lord’s Rest! But if the Lord wants to keep me here, does He not have the power to keep me? Yes, he has!

    Are not all our days written in the book of the Lord? (Psalm 139: 16)

    Matthew 6:27 Which of you, as much as you worry, can add some time to your life’s journey?

    Learn to trust God and His Word. That is the Christian’s safety!

  9. Anna

    Pr. Aaron
    God works through his people in mysterious ways. He both calls one to run to martyrdom and one to flee martyrdom. His reasons are not ours. No matter what God calls us to we must obey. There are quite a few that God has instructed to create places of refuge, where he will keep some of his own safe for a time so that they can be ministers and workers in his great harvest fields. Some he has instructed to carry the banner into the thick of the battle and rally lost souls to himself. Both are needed and both are good. Not every battle unit is called to the front lines, not every unit is sent ahead behind enemy lines, not every unit brings up the rear and cuts off stragglers, not every unit is a medical unit, or the kitchen, or the communications outpost. We all have different roles to play. Whatever our role is let us play it well.

  10. Pr. Aaron

    Sister Anna.
    That’s true. God reserves some for one mission and others for others, however, messages with numbers and dates that impress men is not the way God expresses his Word. This is the “Iluminattis” thing.
    Examine the Word of God and find it in any Book of the Bible?
    About taking refuge, this has been on the Internet for a long time. This is not prophecy.
    Words like, “Only those who know me will survive the attack” are very generic.
    What attack? Where? Who will attack?
    God always makes it clear through his prophets what He intended to do. God is not a God of confusion!
    God does not give generic prophecies, this is a matter of the heart of man, because when giving this type of “word” no one will be able to judge whether the prophet is true or not! It is easy to say that “great destruction” will come, as it is in the Bible and in the media!
    There are many prophets here “giving” prophets “that are in the daily news, on YouTube, on social networks, on the” spiritist “sites

    There are also “prophets” who follow conspiracy theories or apocalyptic theories that are invented or increased too much! This needs to end!
    They are playing with the faith of Christians and many are believing everything they read and hear!
    Woe to those who make the weakest in the faith stumble because of Words the Lord did not say!

  11. I agree with most of these comments. I have seen 911 and 1:11, also 11:11 for months now. I also believe there will be places of refugee and different positions God’s people will be fulfilling at that time. I also believe heavy attacks and persecution is going on right now on God’s people to make them doubt and fear beforehand, so we have to keep holding on and waiting for that time which I believe is soon, right around the corner literally.

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