The End Has Come – Terri Hennessey

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The End Has Come

January 18, 2023 10:06 PM
Terri Hennessey
Please note…Any words in brackets, I personally added only for clarification. God bless you all!

Jan 17th, 2023 8:00 PM

Daughter write My words,
The end has come. Indeed, the end to complacency; the end to melancholy; the end to comfortable spaces. The beginning of the new is arrived. Here now! All things made new. New ways; new plans; new joy; new expectancy. My Bride is so precious; so beautiful is her heart to Me. I Am so thrilled to bring these new gifts to each and every one. Her heart beats like Mine; feels like Mine. Weeps when it’s time to weep; feels joy when the moment calls for it. We beat in unison. We are united and we flow together. Your words (was worshipping/ministering to the Lord) were like music to My ears. A soothing melody that brings smiles and peace to My heart. Because it comes from your heart; genuine and sincere, without any motive other than to pour out your love and thanksgiving to Me. You sound like Me, My Bride. You think as I think; you pray as I pray. Sometimes you think you’re so far and distant from Me, but I remind you now, we are one and we flow as such. Oh My precious Bride, I will fill you. You are emptied of the world and of yourself. Yes, you still have a couple tiny little wrinkles to be ironed out, but as I look upon your gown, I see radiance, beauty, purity, holiness, love and mercy. You look like Me. This is what we’ve been doing together all these years. Getting you ready for your big day! I Am thrilled to present you to our Father. To behold you, to receive you and to know that we will be together forever. You will sit as My Queen, My Bride. We will rule and reign together. Oh, all that I have in store. Oh, all the delights I cannot wait to pour over you. Do you know that I have waited so long, and the longer I waited the more precious you became to Me? The guests will fill the banquet hall. Even those you worry about. Vicki (Goforth Parnell) is correct that I will make every effort to bring them to Me and will be a gentleman about it. I have been doing things that you have not seen or heard that will indeed cause those you love to give their lives to Me. No, you do not have to prepare your heart to watch your children fall into outer darkness. A gentleman would not let that happen and though it’s true they must choose Me in their own free well, I can tell you My Bride, with assurance, that all I’m doing in the background, even in the darkness, will bring salvation to those My Bride loves dearly. You and your household shall be saved. I say this not as a free ride into heaven, nor riding the coat-tails of My beloved, but they of their own free will shall come. All who My Father promised Me, I shall receive and I shall be received.

Daughter, time moves quickly now. Darkness truly is just around the corner, as is your transformation. I want you to spend as much time with Me as you can and press in like never before. Your free time, I want you to spend it with Me so we can iron out those last couple of creases. It means everything to Me and will help you be in perfect peace when the darkness falls. You will have to be strength for those around you at that time. I will strengthen you to deal with what’s coming as a result. But you will also see Me, for I Am coming to give you all that I Am and have to give. And you will rise with the sun; as it comes back over the earth, so too will the brightness of glory shine from you My beautiful Bride. Our journey has indeed been an incredible one, and I, like you, wouldn’t have changed anything. It has been wonderful for both of us getting to know each other and learning to trust and love each other. A happier Groom you will not find. I mean that wholeheartedly. You see yourself as so little, so insignificant and I can’t even explain to you or show you just how valuable you are. You are a Glory Carrier. That’s not a light thing. Not anyone could do it, because not anyone is willing to empty themselves the way My Bride willingly and lovingly has for Me. You are truly selfless. Just like Me. When I look at you My Bride, I see Myself. And everything that is left to be emptied, I will accomplish with your transformation. So be at peace, for your King holds the sceptre; your King holds your life and all the world in His capable hands. Listen not to fear mongers My Bride. Not all are speaking My words. Rest. Be at perfect peace and come to Me as often as possible for this is how I will prepare you for what’s coming. I love you My Bride with perfect love.

Your Bridegroom,

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