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The End Has Come Now

July 1, 2021 8:16 PM
The Messenger

Received Wed June 30th close to 5 PM


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My children, oh My children please heed now these words. My son please place these words I am now to speak out of My mouth to you and write them down. My children, The End has come , I as Your God, The Creator, The Father of all, over all, I have hit and come to a point of no return. It has been My hope that more than half or most of My children called Christians by My Son’s Holy name Jesus The Christ , would join in some form of fasting and prayer, but that never happened, it never materialized. When the few tow the weight of the many and the few are getting worn out what should your Holy, Just God do? When you have only millions supporting the weight in prayer of billions what should I ,as your Father do. Fasting and Prayer is and always has been the lifeline for MY MERCY, MY GRACES, but when the few, physically, emotionally, mentally are worn out, where can the extra slack come from. MY MERCY has been holding back My judgements, because of My People praying for the whole. Now the few are just worn out , just physically beat up from constant fasting and prayer. I as your Holy, Just , Righteous God have had enough of the way My people who call themselves Christians have not, and I will repeat, not responded to the call for fasting and prayer for New York City . Yes I had some pray for months and had them stop , than had a fast and prayer for New York City just recently but to no avail it is not enough . My children, those that are asleep it is because of this, My judgements will now start, no more postponements no waiting. I as your Father am wroth with most of the SLEEPING CHRISTIANS, the ones who think they are saved and going to heaven , but will never get here. Please listen children VERILY, VERILY, VERILY I say to Mystery Babylon your end has come, for it starts now . All of My chosen brides, the worthy know this, they all know it !! why do you ask, because they have all been told, they have all sensed it. My Holy Spirit keeps telling the worthy time is short so very short with good reason. My children most are spiritually asleep, dumb, blind, stupid and not saved and will wind up in the LAKE OF FIRE. Let me say this again REPENT for the time now comes, My kingdom .

Mystery Babylon you are finished in 1 hour time, your country will be rubble, prepare to meet your God , America has become a cage of fowls and beasts and will fall like the original Babylon. Mystery Babylon, America , I had high hopes for you but the innocent blood ,idolatry and basic Heathens that you have become, it is time for your end. Message after message and people mock and scoff, My workers, My anointed, even My own who think they are saved and know My word,( did this to My chosen ones). It is time for many to meet My Anointed One The Christ Jesus. . My children get ready get your heart correct with me this day, this hour ,this second for all hearts shall melt for what I will allow on you, a complete and utter take over of your country by the Bear and Dragon. They will KILL, SEEK, AND DESTROY YOU PEOPLE OF MYSTERY BABYLON LEAVING NONE OF YOU ALIVE, NONE OF YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR WIVES NONE, ONLY MY SELECT REMNANT WILL REMAIN. My children, My wrath is way beyond kindled, My anger is way beyond your comprehension and now you shall pay. My children I ask those for fast and prayers for New York City and again get barely enough of them, to do anything with. My children most if not all are asleep. My children not even My SON’S intervention and mediation can help now it is well past that point. This messenger who is writing this prayed non stop for multitude of things, non stop everyday and he is one man for New York City and My body cannot muster up to (those called for months to do) . My children yet again this nation is finished I asked for prayers and fast and get nothing in return nothing.

My son please take this down , My children I as your God now say GET READY THE END IS HERE AND NO TURNING BACK , many have not answered the call nor ever will. My own children the ones not worthy you are selfish, unsaved, stupid, blind and conceded. I as your Father in Heaven have just sealed those not worthy to satan’s wrath, (The ones only in Mystery Babylon). You selfish whores of human beings , swines of the field . You could not muster of prayers for your own, instead tock tock ,Facebook and YouTube are way more important, rather than others. My sleepy ones of America it comes from the North and East. New York City you will fall and hard it will be, never to be heard of again. You will get a double portion of judgements and pain. The surrounding areas of New Jersey and Connecticut you are very, very culpable with New York City , so your portion will be the same. I have warned ,warned warned ,but My children slumber and now you have 2 choices wake up while the destruction comes or sleep thru it. One puts you into hell the other at My Son’s Judgement of you . It is your choice and decision. VERILY, VERILY, VERILY, VERILY, VERILY I say, now all ,everything is at hand make your eternal choice now, the lake of fire or eternal life it is now in your hands, My sleeping children. End of messages Your Heaven Father to those who are worthy . To the rest your Father, the Father of lies will be with you in the lake of fire.

Received July First 2021 early morning

My son please heed all these words from My Holy Mouth that I The Creator, The Father of Heaven want and choose to convey to My children. My children, the unwise virgins found in scripture. Those with My Holy Spirit but do not follow My spirit. Does it ever occur to you My unwise ones, that your vessels were never filled because you never paid any attention to My Holy Voice.

Following My Voice was and still is a key to all of the end time. You unwise virgins will now pay dearly for not obeying My Voice. Obeying My Voice is so simple a child can and will do it but you were so stuck in satanic doctrines and prideful ways . My children, the ones lacking ANY spiritual awareness , any awareness to truly what is going on ,the ones stuck in mans’s doctrines not ,relying on your God for answers .This will cost you dearly as I take the worthy ones out of here ,again please read Luke (21:36) . In all things, it means all everything , not 1 thing, but all things you shall escape , My worthy ones will not be part of My severe judgements that I hand down upon this world. My unwise virgins please turn to Ephesians 5:6 and read the whole section of scriptures pertaining to this one scripture I gave you . My children ,you have kindled My wrath I am sore displease and hotly vexed over Mystery Babylon and this is a great reason why . Your vain doctrines, your vain prayers mean nothing to me, YOUR GOD, I have always wanted your heart not words from a man made text book. You , My children have no discernment on any and I mean any man made doctrines, if you would have read My words instead of singing songs, your spiritual eyes would be enlightened. My children please turn to revelation chapter 14 and please read Verse 1 , My children if you read in chapter 14 verse 1 are not the 144000 with My son on Mount Sion , My children please read it very carefully , where is Mount Sion ? My children, who are worthy please read carefully this is a key for you, The unwise children will never get there. My children please turn to Galatians 3:5 ,if My children would only truly be led by My spirit and My spirit alone this all which is about ready to happen would never transpire . My children if you would only truly believe in My Spirit, that all is possible but you do not, you let My words be read like black and white lettering . My words are life they breath and you ,My unwise, just snuff those words out .Letting man tell you that when a person has My Spirit that those things that person did was not by My Hand and that My Holy Spirit was not working . My children, My SON did so many miracles with My Holy Spirit, why is it so hard and tough to believe . My children turn to Hebrews 13 verse 1 and read the whole chapter, please go back to verse 5 , what does it say, read it again , why oh why, do you fear man ,why ?. When My Spirit dwells inside you ,why oh why, My unwise virgins, Again you let strange, false doctrines deceive you . My children please turn to 2 Timothy chapter 3 ,and read the whole chapter . Now children read verse 5 ,you Mystery Babylon think you know your God but you have pushed him astray off to the side . You have some form of me but not me your God . My church has been deceived, led astray by some who think they know me but they do not . My children, it is well beyond late it is well beyond me saying get your house in order for you had those chances . Let me elaborate, back last year 2020 I let Covid 19 take place and for My own to seek me , I let this happen as a test and most failed turning from your God to focus on the world, instead of me, YOUR ONE TRUE GOD . My children Destruction Cometh and most are snoozing ,they are in a drunk state from this world . The timer is at hand and those who lack My full spirit will pay dearly for lack of trying to seek me with all of you . That is all I ever wanted people to seek me within there own confines, all of me , it varies person to person because every persons situation is different. My children I love all of you but most are not led by My spirit and not being able to do My Will and My Will alone, and that is another reason you Mystery Babylon shall fall. You have allowed fowl demons and doctrine of devils to perverse MY TRUE CHURCH. It is time to wash those away with My living water , with My water, it makes a new, fresh start, most never truly accept this but that is your choice .

My children get ALL, EVERYTHING IN ORDER for now My hand will move upon you USA, and as My hand moves you shall cry out to me, but as your God I will not, and I will repeat this ,WILL NOT LISTEN UNLESS THE NATION REPENTS AS A WHOLE NOT THE FEW. Children turn to the book of Jonah chapter 3 and read , My children, Nineveh repented why can not USA, Mystery Babylon do the same why, oh why .I am grieved but it is time , time to wash the filth of your nation. I love all of you My children but your time is up .

End of message

signed Your Father, Your Creator.

The messenger .

Scripture given

Luk 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Eph 5:6 Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.

Rev 14:1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.

Gal 3:5 He therefore that ministereth to you the Spirit, and worketh miracles among you, doeth he it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?

Heb 13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

2Ti 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.




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