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The Economy Has Collapsed-Final – McKana

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The Economy Has Collapsed-Final

September 3, 2020
Isaiah 46:10(KJV)
Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:
The Economy Has Collapsed!
(Revelation of September 2, 2020 5:00AM)

I woke up at 2:00AM, was up until 4:30AM. I can’t think of dreaming about anything but begging for a small rest. The news about the economy is far away in my mind. Since I have given what the Lord has revealed for me, I was not expecting any more and I was not in any intension of releasing this repeated warning.

In this clear very realistic dream, the economy has collapsed. Every one is surprised saying what happened? It was sudden. I am in the middle of very busy traders of the stock market like the traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. The environment as a whole is very tense, not at ease. We looked for the news. I searched for the stock market, no result, tried two times. I searched for Dow Jon’s Industrials, here it is. I checked the stocks, no data, as the trading has stopped. No numbers, left blank. All in shock, no sign of what happened. It was sudden, sounds so real.
This dream is the continuations of the last two dreams/revelations from the Lord posted in this website.

This is one of the last warnings. Get your house in order.

Repent! Repent! Repent!


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  1. Armando felix

    Thank you Blessed Sister in Christ. I confirm your dream. I had a dream in 2014 Of an economic collapse I was over the USA and could see all. What I saw was people walking out of the churches because of the economic collapse, only very few very few people stayed in the church. It will happen one day to the next no warning at all. Peace of Christ.✝️☁️🚨🔥

  2. Marc

    It’s the only way to wake the comfortable up!!!!!!!
    Remove all the toys, car’s, homes, cash.
    Especially if asleep christans…..amen

  3. I’ve been following this subject on the alternative media. Many well-known sources speak of friends in the banking and investment industries who have known of this intentional surprise crash to bring in the digital currency. It will occur very suddenly, but I don’t believe as sudden as overnight. I think more than likely through a month’s time, although the banks could potentially close quickly; i.e. after a weekend, people finding their bank closed on Monday with the inability to draw out funds. Anyway, this will be the beginning of the very hard times we have been reading and studying about for years. May the Good Lord help those who follow him wherever he goes!!

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