8/7/19 9:11 AM
Barbara Francis

Woe… to you men of the earth. Your quest for knowledge has lead you to the Evil one. Now your own destruction is before you because you seeked after forbidden knowledge , not the knowledge of I AM. You didn’t knock. I would have opened the door of righteousness to your heart. Instead your heart is filled with the wickedness from the Evil one. Your people have corrupted themselves. The nations of earth worship strange GODS. The people of the earth bow down and pray to them. Worshiping idols . Worshiping the BEAST and are unaware they do it. Refusing to worship the ONE TRUE GOD. I have prepared and taught my own REMNANT. They have been refined in the FIRE I will send destruction to your WIDE COAST.You have been warned to flee the cities. .I will submerge your other coasts in water. I will burn the nations from wihin. Oh you wicked people, murdering my babes and teaching your children that evil is good. THE EARTH IS SOAKED IN BLOOD. Vengeance is mine. THE TIME OF MY VENGEANCE IS HERE.

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Transcript en Espanol 

Ay de ustedes, hombres de la tierra. Tu búsqueda del conocimiento te ha llevado al Maligno. Ahora tu propia destrucción está ante ti porque buscaste el conocimiento prohibido, no el conocimiento del YO SOY. No tocaste. Hubiera abierto la puerta de la justicia a tu corazón. En cambio, tu corazón está lleno de la maldad del maligno. Tu pueblo se ha corrompido a sí mismo. Las naciones de la tierra adoran a DIOSES extraños. La gente de la tierra se inclina y les reza. Adorando ídolos. Adorando a la BESTIA y no saben que lo hacen. Negarse a adorar al DIOS VERDADERO. He preparado y enseñado a mi propio REMANENTE. Han sido refinados en el FUEGO. Enviaré destrucción a tu COSTA ANCHA. Te han advertido que huyas de las ciudades. .Sumergiré tus otras costas en agua. Quemaré a las naciones desde dentro. Oh gente malvada, asesinando a mis bebés y enseñando a sus hijos que el mal es bueno. LA TIERRA ESTÁ EMPOTRADA EN SANGRE. La venganza es mía. EL TIEMPO DE MI VENGANZA ESTÁ AQUÍ.

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  1. Yvonne Sanchez

    Which is the “Wide Coast” that Sister Barbara mentions? (I often listen to her videos.) Is it the Gulf of Mexico? East Coast? West Coast? Many people have put up videos about tsunamis coming to America. I began dreaming of tsunamis hitting off of Long Island, N.Y. (Fire Island, Babylon, Capture Basin) back in 1989. Eventually, Hurricane Sandy hit and put waves over parts of the south shore of Long Island in 2012. Was this a foreshadowing of tsunamis to come? Katrina. Fukushima. Asian Tsunami of 2004, Sandy and so on? There was Hurricane Belle in 1976 and the Storm of the Century in 1938. Many prophets are saying that Oregon, New York, California and Alaska will eventually be hit by tsunamis. Can all of them be wrong? They are not asking for money or seeking fame.

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