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The Dream of the 3 Days of Darkness – Vicki Goforth Parnell

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The Dream of the 3 Days of Darkness

January 2, 2023
Vicki Goforth Parnell

12-20-22 at 4:38 a.m. and 12-31-22 at 1:10 a.m.

Isaiah 26:20-21
Amos 8:9
Isaiah 55:11


In the first dream I had the Lord showed me that in the darkness the nephilim would be returning from off-planet and from bound in places. I don’t talk about it much because I have been seeking the Lord about this and about the last two weeks I’ve been hearing: “grid going down” and “3 days of darkness.”

(The second dream) goes into more details. So I set my face before the Lord and I was seeking Him. Because I’ve read a few things. I don’t read much (on this subject). I’ve had friends, that I trust, praying people that I trust, that have had visions and dreams about it. The Lord has talked to them.
The dream starts out I’m in a field. I was out walking in the field. I’m praying. I’m praying for Putin and for Xi JinPing, because I know they’re coming but I’m praying they still get saved. And all of a sudden it’s dark outside. I start seeing this beautiful green color in the sky. Now I live in Tennessee. And (in the dream) I was in Tennessee. We have no northern lights here. And this was one of the things I was asking the Lord to confirm “yes” or “no” for me.

Then I started seeing the light pink and then the brilliant colors and cyan blue. They were in patterns in the sky. In the dream I asked the Lord: “Jesus, is this the northern lights? “Cause this this is Tennessee. Is this the sign before the 3 days of darkness.”

He said: “Yes.”

I said: “Lord, it’s not time for the 3 days of darkness.” But apparently it was.
In the 3 days of darkness there will be auroras, northern lights, and they will be world wide and catch the eye of all people. But that is our sign, the Christians sign, to get home. After seeing the lights, all of a sudden the scene changed. And when it changed I went into the darkness. It was only for a minute or two. It was horrible!

I could barley breathe. It felt like it (darkness) was touching and crawling. It felt evil. It felt cold. It was just horrible. It was tormenting my mind. It was just for a few moments and then we (Jesus and I) were in like a bubble and His light was shining. He told me it was necessary just for that brief moment. He told me this utter darkness is the outer darkness of hell. That’s what the 3 days of darkness is. It’s alive. Somehow it’s alive. He told me that way I could pray better for people (because He showed me what it was like).

So I’ve been praying. A lot. It was horrible. It’s not something you want anybody to experience. I was asking the Lord to please clarify these things. Because You said If you shall ask, you shall receive. You have not because you ask not. I know the nephilim are coming and I know that demons are being released and fallen angels that are bound (are being released). But I’ve heard so much.
I’ve heard you need to tape up windows. I’ve heard if you’re outside, because as in the days of Goshen in Exodus 10, when the darkness falls you are to be inside, because it is the demons time at the point to come out. If you’re caught outside, I saw people ripped to pieces. But then I also saw people that I knew were nephilim, meaning more demon blood in them and (their) DNA then human (Genesis 6:4).
He also showed me that if you are a child of God and you are in a vehicle or something, get caught in a vehicle, don’t open that door. You’re safe as long as you don’t give in to fear. Now if you’re a sold-out, on fire, child of God – you have nothing to worry about. If you’re lukewarm, you’re going to need to do some heavy praying.

As He (Jesus) was taking me through, I started noticing houses that had candlelight. I was questioning the Lord because I could see houses that had electricity. A lot of them (houses) were just black. No lights. No nothing.
And I said: “Lord, why do these have electricity?”
He said: “These are My warrior children. My chosen.”

I said: “What do You mean by that? Because You’re no respecter of person.”

He said: “You’re right. I’m no respecter of person. These are the ones prepared and ready for My return without spot or no blemish. These are the wise virgins. But the others are still My children but their spotted and their dirty. They’re unprepared. The foolish virgins. I’m not being unfair. They are reaping their just rewards. You reap what you sow. They are both being provided light. They are both being taken care of. But the ones with the candles are the ones with the reward for what they sowed and the ones with the electricity are getting their good reward.

Everything you do has a reaction. It’s like rippling effects. So if you’re living a Godly life, a Godly life by Jesus’ standards and you have the fruit that show you are; try the fruit. Does a person have qualities of Jesus? (Colossians 3:12-17.)
Are they hateful? Are they loving and full of compassion? Are they joyful? Even when you’re heavy, I have some heavy things that come through, but Jesus is my joy and my strength. Watch the fruit. Are they showing the attributes of Jesus.

Back to the dream. (The houses with) electricity, some of them do have their windows taped up. I did get to see inside. There were saved and unsaved people in there. But in the dream there were no demons trying to get in or call out, or anything.

When I questioned the Lord, He said: ”It’s because there’s at lease one true warrior of God who knows how to send them (demons) away. They (demons) are going to focus on those with the candlelight and those in the the dark.”

And I asked the Lord, “Why do they have to have the windows taped up?”

He said, “Because of the unsaved people. If they were to look out or if even a weaker Christian there, if they looked out a lot of them cannot mentally withstand what they would see.” Because the demons would show themselves and it would drive them mad. At least some of them. That’s what I saw.

The Lord said, “Focus on Me. You need to pray. Reading (scripture). Seeking Me.” Because it’s a horrible time for those that are not ready. And it is a time of mercy. It is a time for repentance. A time for repentance.

If you’re in a home that has electricity but you have people unsaved, it is your time to reach those. And if you love them, you’re not going to care what they say. And even if you have electricity you are still going to feel that evil presence around you (your home) but you are going to be safe. Nothing to fear. Nothing to fear. Jesus is right there with you. He will cover you with His blood and His Angles.
Now for the ones with the candlelight, when I was looking in (those houses) when He took me inside there. They did not have the ability to use their water. They did not have the ability to use their stove or electricity. They had the candlelight but while I was there you could hear the demons trying to entice them to open the door. These (in the houses with candlelight) are those that are not firm in their faith. That have allowed compromise. That have bitterness. Unforgiveness in their life. Any sin. We are only made righteous by Jesus’ Righteousness.

It started again with the aurora. You only had one maybe two hours (before the darkness fell). I’ve heard some people say “two days.” Jesus said, “Two days and a few hours is both right.”
Lord, please explain that to me.

He said, “The time is going to be disturbed all over the word that equals 48 hours.”

So the auroras may be coming in some areas for shorter periods of time.

And I said, “give me an example in Your Word. ‘Cause everything has to line up with Your Word.”

He gave me the example of king Zedekiah (Jeremiah 39; 52; 2 Kings 25; 2 Chronicles 36). Jeremiah had given a prophecy that he would see the king of Babylon face to face and would be carried away to Babylon. And his eyes were plucked out so he never saw Babylon. Both prophecies were true but sound like they are opposites. I saw hope coming too, in this dream. I saw Jesus returning.

Deuteronomy 3:16
Exodus 10:21-23
Job 3:6-9
Job 5:14
Isaiah 13:6-11

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