The dream about an Eagle – Esdras

The dream about an Eagle

April 14, 2020 4:15 AM
4 Esdras 11: 1 – 36

And in a dream I saw an eagle that rose from the sea, and it had twelve wings, which were feathers and three heads. And he stretched out his wings over all the earth, and all the winds of heaven blew underneath and came together.And I saw other
feathers growing against his feathers, and they became little, narrow feathers. Because his heads were at rest and the middle head was bigger than the other heads, but it was also resting. Then I saw the eagle flying and ruling on earth and over everyone who lived on it. And all things under heaven were submissive to him, and no one contradicted him, not one of the creatures that were on the earth.The eagle stood on its clawed legs and said to its feathers:You should not all watch at the same time, each of you may sleep and watch when it suits you. The heads will be preserved to the last.And the voice did not come from his head, but from the center of his body. I counted his counter-grown feathers, and there were eight.And see, on the right side there was a spring and it ruled all over the earth. But her end soon came and her place was no longer found. And the next (spring) had risen to rule, and her end also came, so that she no longer appeared, just like the previous one.And a voice came to her and said, “Now hear you who have held back the earth for so long, I will tell you this before you begin to decay: No one will last as long as you do, not even half. thereof. The third feather has also arisen and received dominion, and it too has disappeared.It was the same with everyone else. Each in particular received power and disappeared again. Some were given power for a short time, others were not.After this I saw no more the twelve wings that were feathers, nor the two feathers that were left.Nothing was left of the eagle’s body9.then two heads and six counter- springs, which were eight at first.Of these six, two separated to nestle under the right head, while the other four remained in place. At the same time that those four, who were under the wings when these wings had not yet disappeared, thought they had to get up to gain power, the first disappeared immediately, the second disappeared even faster and when the last two even thought to receive dominion, they were devoured by one of the heads.When there were three more heads, the middle one shocked all the residents who worked hard on Earth. After this the middle head and the two remaining feather wings disappeared.What remained was a completely bald, two-headed eagle, exercising equal power over the earth and over all who inhabited it.And the right head finally devoured the left head.Then I heard a voice saying: Now look for you and pay close attention.

Ezra or Esdras tells about a dream he has about an Eagle. In our modern times, the relationship is always established with the United States, which explicitly presents itself as “the Eagle”. It is not surprising that this giant bird considered the highest flying and tallest of its kind has this status. The fact that the animal carries a mythical legacy with it, is actually a logical continuation of that. In the initiated sciences it is also at the top of the Caduceus and is compared to the Sun. In short, a true high flyer with a very sharp look and a very long range. According to the Esdrasian text, this Eagle comes from the sea, while this is not its habitat in the first instance. Or we should only talk about a bald eagle. The common Eagle is always associated with high mountains and steep cliffs. The fact that this Eagle rises from the sea should still put us on guard. Here’s more going on. In my opinion, we should view this Eagle as active at the time of. Yes, of what actually?

It is the United States that speaks for itself today. They are extremely active. They are dominant in the world and act as guardians or policemen of the world around. In short, I suspect it is the US that is meant here. In 2020 they are at their peak and at the same time at their deepest point. And all this at the time when the world as we know it is now enclosed in the Age of Aquarius or Waterman. And this too is very frequently connected with water (Aquarius) and the sea. It is the spiritual development that comes into great expression in this Aquarian or Spirit Human period. The sea is directly linked to the spiritual.

Finally, the number ‘twelve’ of the twelve wings also have something to say. A “great” Year is the same as a Universal Year equals an Esoteric Year. Such a year lasts just over 25,600 Earth years, divided into 12 zodiac signs. This great Year now starts all over again with Aquarius. For all these reasons I have a strong suspicion that Esdras tells about our, this and present time. The interpretation of the three headings from the text is not entirely clear to me. Or it should be the three superpowers Russia, China and America. But the largest of the three is the United States. They have built a society that is very aggressive, very prosperous and very corrupt. It is not for nothing that she is called the whore of Babylon. Everyone wants to do it with her; everyone wants to get as rich as she does. It is for this reason that I interpret the middle head, which was larger than the other two, as the US. Everything and everyone is submissive to her. So far, because things are going to take change rapidly.

The ‘lockdown’ or quarantine as we say here in Western Europe has been declared after the so-called outbreak of a mysterious virus that kills many people. Artificial Intelligence using 5G has made its rapid entrance. Soon one will no longer be able to buy or sell, provided one is vaccinated. Exactly as the Scriptures foretell it. A new world order with a new world government takes over. It is the Beast from the sea.

These are the birth pains of the new age, for it is the beginning of the spirit-soul development that we are going through. Aquarius is here. We are all, globally, on the new path. Jesus the Christ will take us into the new age and He will kick off with us. He will return soon! The Eagle is still on its clawed legs, but not for long. It will soon be over with: “You don’t have to search all at once to see if there is unrest somewhere. We will do that. ” This statement will soon not be heard again. But the three heads will be preserved to the last. Incidentally, the voice that said this did not come from his beak (mouth), but from his evil heart. Very special is the remark from the mother text about the eight feathers that had grown counter to it. I think this has a relationship with Revelation 13: “And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads; and on its horns ten crowns … “ Again there is talk of the sea!

The ten crowned horns are the former member states of the CIS (Commonwealth of  Independent States of the Soviet Union). Three will fall off (Russia, Belarus and Ukraine), seven will remain, after which the three sister states will be united into 1, which brings the number to eight. Interesting. After all, Russia is America’s main opponent. This development is also stated in the text:”… when the last two even thought of receiving dominion, they were devoured by one of the heads.” Russia in this case, which under the Antichrist annexes the other two states.

But the decline of Babylon the Great is going fast. All wings and feathers are destroyed. Not much remains of the animal’s greatness. The middle and largest head (the US) shocked the rest of the hardworking population. It, or rather, the new world order has flattened the entire world economy, creating a new depression much deeper than the one of 1918. The days of concern have arrived. A bald plucked eagle without wings remains and there is not much honor to be gained with that.


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