The Donkey and the Elephant Procession – Immanuel Acree

The Donkey and the Elephant Procession

Aug 24, 2019
Immanuel Acree


Aug 24, 2018 Dream: I saw animals being led in what seemed like a long parade, but it also had more purpose than just a parade. There were animals used as beasts of burden and I am not sure what kind they were. On the back of one animal, I saw a donkey strapped to its huge backside. The donkey was draped on its side, sitting comfortably and looking around evidently without concern.

The elephant however was not strapped to a beast. It stood on all four legs bending down to lower its center of gravity, resisting, with an exasperated and almost panicked look on its face. It was facing to the rear against traffic, with its legs planted in the ground like outriggers. It was to no avail as it was dragged between two beasts in the opposite direction that it wanted to go.

The dream ended.

In other words, all the political groups are going in one direction for the final destination regardless of the fact that the Republicans do not want to be there. We all know that such fanfare and epic movements of pack animals like that are only put on by elites. In this case, elites that command both parties of US government.

Immanuel Acree

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