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The destruction will be completely devastating – Angel Falcione

The destruction will be completely devastating

2019/12/18 at 7:45 PM
Angel Falcione

A word received today. 12/18/19 with a vision.

I was standing outside in the night surrounded by fire. I was standing in water but everything was on fire and crumbling to the ground. I felt heavy and helpless and dropped to a knee.

I heard you are not ready. Prepare. Study my word, know my plans are for you no matter what you see around you. Know my promises and keep them in your heart. Tell others how much you love them. Get ready. The destruction will be completely devastating and not many will make it.

I am having a lot of water dreams lately, almost every night. I asked the Lord why? He said, It’s because they are going to be caught off guard and swept away.


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  1. Ireland Marie Johansson

    It’s coming soon.

    Take a look around at the plastic faces everyone is getting. Almost everyone on TV has a plastic face and it looks horrible. They are maiming God’s creation en masse. Why do they do it when they know it does not work? The elites want us to be merged with computers. They want to create a new race of man with no soul.

    Abortion at nine months, with live beating hearts cut out of just born babies and sent to Stanford University for research. The journalists who exposed this trafficking lost their case in California and were fined millions of dollars.

    There are other things God finds abominable. Drugs. Weapons. Yemen famine. Child trafficking. SRA. Evolution is the new state religion. Rise of witchcraft. Satanism. Drunkenness. TV shows that mock God and Jesus.

    If God does not send the coming tsunamis to America’s East and West Coast to wake up at the nation and the world, then almost everyone will go to hell.

    Purity and holiness, a quiet life, sanctification and other aspects of righteousness should be our main concern now. Prayer is so vital now. God wants a remnant without stain or blemish or wrinkle in the Body of Christ. Idols must fade before they are washed away by the coming tsunamis.

  2. Ronald REGNIER

    Ireland Marie Johansson: you put it well….both posts resonate for me, want a digital record of my affirmation and sadness for these dark times and so many asleep, unaware. Bless you Lord, you have warned and warned for what humans calls thousands of years, and response is not great. Strengthen those of your’s persecuted, and all the oppressed, deliver us Lord from the evil.

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