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The Destruction of Manhattan & New York City – Linda Hasche

The Destruction of Manhattan & New York City

June 26, 2021
Linda Hasche
(9 minutes 45 seconds)

LINDA’S WRITTEN COMMENTS from beneath her video on YouTube are also included here, following the two transcripts.

NOTES ON FORMATTING IN THIS TRANSCRIPT: Linda’s spoken words are given in usual fashion (that is, without quotation marks) except that all of the following are included between quotation marks:
When she reads or quotes the Bible, OR
When she says what she is saying is exactly what God told her, OR
If she is quoting some other source.

If Linda includes a gesture or points to a visual, or if words may help explain something such as a translation of the Bible Linda is reading, they are added here between brackets like these: […]


Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ!

The Holy Spirit brought to mind to look at Isaiah chapter 15 this morning. So I looked at Isaiah chapter 15, and He’s highlighting verse one. I’m reading from the Holman version of the Bible:

[Isaiah 15:1] “… Ar in Moab is devastated, destroyed in one night.
Kir in Moab is devastated, destroyed in one night.”
–And He let me know, Ar is like Manhattan; Kir is like New York City; and Moab is like New York State. So I’m going to change that in this verse and read it like the Holy Spirit was showing me, in Jesus’ Name, amen:
Manhattan in New York State is devastated, destroyed in a night.
New York City in New York State is devastated, destroyed in a night.

And then, I started receiving a WORD from the Heavenly Father, and I’m going to read that to you. Thus says the Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth:

“The destruction of Manhattan and New York City WILL occur in one night. My servant, Jeff Byerly, has given this warning of a fiery kickoff event. Others have been given warnings of this event. Did most listen and repent? No. Did most mock and scorn? Yes! I don’t delight in the death of millions that will come, yet My Justice prevails.

“You are unaware of the depth, width and breadth of evil that occurs in the darkness of these two wicked cities. Sodom and Gomorrah were righteous compared to New York City and Manhattan, yet I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, for they were righteous in their own eyes of wickedness. Debauchery! Wickedness! Bowels of hell! are these two wicked cities. For your luciferian elite meet with the forces of darkness to plot the destruction of humanity in the boardrooms, bordellos, and chambers of judges.
“Woe! Woe! Woe! Wicked cities of evil and perversion, your destruction comes swiftly, suddenly and violently! The perpetrators of evil will be cast suddenly into hell. My precious, precious lambs will be suddenly with Me.

“Fear not, My people, fear not! Get ready for the massive changes coming upon your planet. For this judgment of destruction will continue. The evil ones –the fallen ones– are lurking and prepared to invade your dimension. FEAR NOT, for I AM with you! I send this delusion of lies on those who forsake the Truth. –Did I not warn you in My Word?”

Thus says the Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.

I’m supposed to give some more understanding of this Word:

When He talks about the luciferian elite meeting with the forces of darkness, these are captains of industry, prominent politicians and global elite, meeting in boardrooms, bordellos – that means in the prostitution houses – and chambers of judges. So these are people in authority that have power. They’re meeting with the fallen angels, and some, Lucifer himself, to plan the destruction of humanity. Those that they can’t transform into the image of the beast via the mark that’s coming on the right hand or the forehead… [here, Linda motions to indicate a shot/injection being given to a shoulder] … This is just a warm-up session to it; it’s evil; it’s demonic. Repent if you’ve taken it. You still can be saved. If you take it, repent.

This destruction of New York City and Manhattan is going to come suddenly, and He said it will be at night. In one night. That’s what it says in Isaiah 15 verse one, “In a night.” –And that goes with the things that I’ve been shown as well. And those that are in Christ that still are in New York City … maybe you’ve been wanting to leave but you couldn’t, or you haven’t been prompted to leave … it will be your time to be in the presence of the Lord. Fear not, but make sure your heart is right.

You know, brothers and sisters, none of us knows the day or the hour – the timing – when it is our time. What we do know is, it’s in the Heavenly Father’s timing and we must be ready every day.

The return of the Lord for His bride is coming, but there’s also stuff coming before that. People in the building in 9-1-1 that was the planned demolition … [here Linda makes a sound three times, representing the explosions timed to help bring down the twin towers] … they didn’t know that was their day. So fear not, but get your heart right with the Lord Jesus Christ, especially if you live in Manhattan or New York City. –If you’ve been prompted to leave, you’ve been prompted to leave, you better get out! If you haven’t been prompted to leave and you know you’re supposed to stay there, then stay, but get your heart right with the Lord, because your time of being before Him is soon.

When He talks about the massive changes coming upon our planet … that destruction of Manhattan and New York City will impact the globe because there are people that have their representatives and ambassadors in New York City. That’s where the embassies are located for many. That’s where the stock market’s located, the primary headquarters. I also found out that’s the largest church … the largest Catholic church is located ….

And when He talked about the evil ones – the fallen ones – lurking and prepared to invade our dimension, that is not the fake alien invasion that’s going to be perpetrated to cause FEAR. Because … there’s going to be allowed the good cops, bad cops; but there’s going to be a lot of Project Bluebeam; a lot of government back-engineered technology to cause a lot of FEAR.

Remember: Fear not. Focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. But when He sends the Delusion, that’s when He allows the fallen angels to appear on the planet as [here Linda alters her voice to mimic their lying claims] saviors of the world; we seeded the planet; we’re here to take you up to the next level of your evolution. –And that will be with the mark – the actual, visible, physical mark of the beast, where you will have to deny Jesus Christ.

And when He talks about warning us in His Word, He’s talking about Second Thessalonians … I don’t know the exact chapter and verse off the top of my head right now.

And also, I’m going to prepare another video about this vivid dream I had this morning. –Ughh.

I included a link to a compilation of the fiery kickoff event given to Jeff Byerly. The person that runs this channel does an excellent job on illustration, and he did a really good job of the compilation. You may want to consider subscribing to his channel. [Linda is referring to the YouTube channel by “TakeHeed2 TheWord”; the transcript to the video Linda just referred to is included just below this transcript.]

Brothers and sisters, we’re in the times of when we will be in front of the Lord at some point. –We’re in those days, be it through death or through the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. We gotta’ be prepared for either one! None of us knows our day. We could have a heart attack and then/there we’re done. Or we could be driving and a semi goes out of control and … crash; we’re done.

So get ready! Be right with the Lord every day. Repent from all sins. –That means stop. Stop doing it. And focus on the Lord Jesus; He will help you. Forgive those who’ve sinned against us.

And get ready to step out into the role that you’ve been called into for the final harvest – whatever that is. The Holy Spirit will give you clarity on that.

Father, we just thank You and praise You! Help us to know Your will and do it.
In Jesus’ Name.
Amen and amen.

TRANSCRIPT OF JEFF BYERLY’S WORDS QUOTED BY TakeHeed2 TheWord in a Nov 10, 2020 video:
(5 minutes 35 seconds)

[After a short introduction, and with appropriate background music and photos throughout the video, every word heard is spoken by Jeff Byerly – selected from his prophetic messages.]

America, I no longer fight for you or protect your military endeavors and conquests. You have had your way with the weaker nations of the world, but that is ending. There is no coincidence concerning the names of the ships Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. They will suffer the same fates as their namesakes. When you see this, you will know that all I have spoken is true and that the complete destruction is coming to the once greatest nation of all. You have turned your back on Me, your first love.

The fulfillment of Isaiah chapter 17 is very near. It will no longer be inhabited as a city when this event comes to pass. It will become a ruinous heap. These events will run in parallel with what I have revealed about the kickoff event planned for America. Specifically in New York City, and even more specifically, Manhattan, and Trump Tower will be involved. Your current king was brought into office to begin your judgment, but your former king shall return as the events proceed, and finish it. He will oversee your destruction and then move on to his role as the leader of the ten kings. Barak Hussein Obama will be the flesh-and-blood manifestation of Satan on the earth.

After the kickoff event, the highest idol America has will be taken down first: her wealth. Attempts will be made to prop the economy back up, but they will be unsuccessful. The fall of America will continue until it hits the absolute bottom. People will cry out for protection from the government, and martial law will be declared. Most will cry and weep for the days of old, but they will never return.

You are the last generation, and you are very close to the time of your revealing to the world. As I have told you before, My Glory comes upon you as the destruction and cataclysm comes upon the whole earth.
–As soon as the kickoff event happens, we will be able to hear the Lord more clearly, and with greater volume.

Bankers and the wealthy know that this is coming, because this is part of the new world order plan to bring … in the new financial system, which will be the beast system. Most will not understand that this has been all planned for years, and now the stage has been set and all the players are in place. War on America will come on every front and internally.

In the coming days, the fiery kickoff event will indeed take place. Prophecy will become tomorrow’s headlines, even before the transformation of My bride.

And if you’re not ready and you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ, Yahushua Ha Mashiach as your personal Lord and Savior, do not delay. Today is the day of salvation. –You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Neither am I. Nobody is.


Scriptural Reference: Isaiah 15:1
Ar = Manhattan
Kir = New York City
Moab = New York State

Link to YouTube Video compilation of “Fiery Kick off event”: [NOTE: TRANSCRIPT OF THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO IS JUST ABOVE LINDA’S COMMENTS HERE.]

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