The Destroyer of Nations is Coming Quickly and Your Kings Have Made Their Plans – Holy Spirit Wind

By Holy Spirit Wind

The Destroyer of Nations is Coming Quickly and Your Kings Have Made Their Plans


My children, I speak to you this day because you are the ones who have ears to hear and eyes to see Me. I would speak to more, but they have been deafened and blinded by the things of this world.

I would have you notice what is going on in this world that you are temporarily in. Time is short and you are not guaranteed tomorrow, your soul may be required of you this very day. I say to you that the enemy knows that his time is short! Can you not see him raging through those that he controls? Yet, he tries to hide his plans and he lies and speaks of peace, though he has nothing but destruction on his wicked heart and he knows how much he will be allowed to destroy. Do not believe his lies! I have told you that there will be no peace upon this Earth until I am reigning from my throne in Jerusalem. Have you not noticed that every time the light is turned upon the enemy that he lies and then tries to hide what he’s doing? Soon, is coming the time when he will no longer be able to hide his plans and the fiery event will take place, which opens the door of destruction that will not be closed until I come.

The destroyer of nations is coming quickly and your kings have made their plans. They seek to control all of mankind so that they can survive and not be affected by the chaos and destruction. They think that they can hide under the Earth and some will even flee to the ends of the Earth but they will not escape My wrath! It will come upon them that do not repent! Even if they try to escape off of this planet I will find them, I AM EVERYWHERE! There is no place to hide from Me!

I am no longer delaying the destroyer, as I have in the past because of My mercy. I gave the wicked space to repent but almost none did. The few that did are worth the delay! I warn you again, what is coming upon the world is not a time of peace and prosperity, that is a lie. All who teach people that they will be rich in this world during the time that is upon you are deceived by the father of lies. My children, you need to discern that this is not of me! Read My word and ask My Spirit to teach you! My children, did I not tell you to lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven and not upon this Earth? Everything that is on this earth shall be devoured by fire! So why should you be concerned with any of it? I will provide the funds, supplies and the sustenance for those who are involved in My great end time harvest. Some of My people I have told to save and store but others, I have not not spoken this to. I tell you, My workers will not be using anything that they have stored or that I give them, to consume only upon themselves or on their own selfish desires and comforts but for building My kingdom and saving the lost who will come from thousands of miles around to be cared for. Remember he who seeks to save his life will lose it but he who loses his life for My sake shall find it! Lose yourself in Me, under the shadow of My wings, the safest place that you can be!

Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach


Jerimiah 4:6-8

Set up the standard toward Zion.
Take refuge! Do not delay!
For I will bring disaster from the north,
And great destruction.”
The lion has come up from his thicket,
And the destroyer of nations is on his way.
He has gone forth from his place
To make your land desolate.
Your cities will be laid waste,
Without inhabitant.
For this, clothe yourself with sackcloth,
Lament and wail.
For the fierce anger of the Lord
Has not turned back from us.


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